Brown running for re-election

Cranbrook: Brown, Gail - School District Trustee candidate. Brown seeking second term with Southeast Kootenay district.

  • Oct. 17, 2014 12:00 p.m.
Gail Brown

Gail Brown

Gail Brown, well-known Cranbrook Early Childhood Educator, and currently a Trustee with School District No 5 is running for re-election on November 15th .  “My past work serving families with young children in Cranbrook, has helped me be an effective School Trustee ” said Brown.  “I want to continue supporting our public education system because I know it provides a strong foundation for our students.”

Brown brings an impressive learning background and work record to the role of trustee. In addition to achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria, an Adult Education Instructor’s Diploma from Vancouver College and Master’s in Early Childhood Education from University of Alberta, Brown is a past instructor at the College of the Rockies, Early Childhood Education Program.  She is also the author of a long list of publications and reports on child health and development.

Residents will probably know Brown best as Cranbrook’s Woman of the Year in 2014 and also for her volunteer for her work for the past nine years as a local director for Friends of Children, a charity that supports families who must travel outside our region to access medical services for their children.

Brown says she will continue to leverage her past experience to pursue three priorities.

The first priority is to work with parents and teachers to provide strong educational opportunities for all children from K through 12.

“My special interest is the early years because a child’s learning at this time provides a foundation for later habits and success,” said Brown. “Our school district has a record of student success, and I work to  build on this and contribute my experience and skills as a school board member and team player.”

Brown says that her second priority is to advocate for an appropriate level of provincial funding for local schools.  “ I am proud to be a Trustee for a School Board that presents a balanced budget each year. said Brown, “however, I think government has to be constantly reminded that an investment in quality public education is just that. It is a sound investment in our future citizens who will lead our city and province in the competitive global economy. I think it’s short-sighted to underfund the fundamentals.”

Brown’s third priority has been to work with government and community partners to build a replacement facility for the aging Mt. Baker High School.

“Our School Board has made great strides in laying the groundwork for a new high school as a Neighbourhood Learning Centre,” said Brown. “The concept brings together the two things I have worked for all of my life: community development and education. I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with fellow trustees, parents and our community partners to make this dream a reality.”