Black ice warning for local highways

Warm days, and nights below zero, are creating treacherous driving conditions in the East Kootenay

Mainroad East Kootenay is warning drivers to be extremely cautious on local highways over the coming days.

A weather event advisory issued on Wednesday, March 5, warned of black ice developing, followed by puddles, as temperatures rise after a cold, snowy period.

“The weather has warmed up we but we are still hovering around zero degrees Celsius in the evenings and the mornings. Also the ground is still frozen do to the long cold period we have had, so you can expect sections of black ice as we transition. Finally, watch for puddles as the banks of snow began to melt,” reads the email alert.

Mainroad will be busy patrolling, salting and sanding highways to improve conditions until the weather event passes.

Drivers are reminded to maintain a safe following distance, drop your speed to match road conditions, avoid sudden moves, and always drive with your headlights on.

“Finally be extremely cautious when approaching highway maintenance vehicles such as snow plows and salt or sand trucks,” reads the alert.

Visit to stay up to date with road conditions.

Report any highway observations or concerns to Mainroad East Kootenay at 1-800-665-4929.