Ballot order determined

On Friday, Oct. 10, City officials drew lots to determine the order the candidates' names will appear on the Nov. 15 election ballot.

  • Oct. 16, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Brian Wooff (left)

Brian Wooff (left)

On Friday, Oct. 11, at Cranbrook City Hall, Brian Wooff, Chief Election Officer for the City of Cranbrook, Chris Zettel, Corporate Communications Officer, and Maryse Leroux, Legislative and Policy Advisor, drew the lots that will determine the order of names on the ballot of the upcoming municipal election.

That protocol was established by an earlier Cranbrook City Council.

For mayor, the order will be (from top to bottom): 1) Lee Pratt, 2) John York, 3) Wayne Stetski.

For council, the order will be (from top to bottom): 1) Danielle Cardozo, 2) Isaac Hockley, 3) Sharon Cross, 4) Brad Scriver, 5) Bob Faiers, 6) Diana J. Scott, 7) Alan MacBean, 8) Wesly Graham, 9) Tom Shypitka, 10) Anna Hudson, 11) Brian Kostiuk, 12) James Elliott, 13) Norma Blissett, 14) Lynn McIntosh, 15) Gerry Warner, 16) Ron Popoff.