The former Baker Hill Bed and Breakfast. (Barry Coulter photo)

The former Baker Hill Bed and Breakfast. (Barry Coulter photo)

Baker Hill B&B purchased by social service non-profit

A local social services organization has purchased the former Baker Hill Bed and Breakfast, with plans to turn it into a rest home for people with diverse abilities.

NEXUS Community Support Society (formerly Cranbrook Society for Community Living), purchased the property back in November 2021, and is applying for a community planning and zoning amendment to reflect the new planned use of the property.

“This rest home will support adults with intellectual disabilities to ensure they have equal opportunities to access, and live within, their community,” reads a letter from NEXUS Community Support Society to the city, which is included in the council agenda package.

“This home will have professional support staff 24 hours per day, seven days per week; ensuring the needs of those living in the home are met and, ultimately, the home is maintained to a high standard.”

The matter will be before city council’s regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 24 for a first reading.

The amendment involves two parcels of land; one zoned commercial and one residential. The amendment would seek to have both rezoned to residential uses.

NEXUS Community Support Society is the merger of Cranbrook Society for Community Living and the Creston Society for Community Living, which was done last September.

Prior to that merger, Cranbrook Society for Community Living had operated as non-profit since 1965, and has owned and operated homes in the community — similar to the one proposed at Baker Hill — since 1985.