Aqamnik School needs your votes for playground

Students have put together a submission to the Aviva Community Funds Competition in hopes that they can win funding to build the playground.

Aqamnik school students need the help of Cranbrook and area to get a new playground. Students at the school have put together a submission to the Aviva Community Funds Competition in hopes that they can win funding to build the playground.

The Aqamnik school opened its new building last year.

“Unfortunately due to safety standards we were unable to move our old playground to our new school yard,” said Lisa Costain, from the school. She noted that the students and teachers have banded together in a bid to get funding for a new playground.

“Mr. Lunan, our grade 2/3 teacher and our students have worked together to create a video submission to compete in the Aviva Community Funds Competition.”

And in an effort to up the vote count, teachers Todd Lunan and Adam Stewart are participating in humiliation challenges set up by the students for every 50 votes the school gets.

To move on Aqamnik needs to be in the top 10 for their category to move on to the next level of the competition.

So Costain is requesting support from everybody in Aqamnik, Cranbrook and Kimberley by way of clicking the vote button on the competition’s website. The address is below.

This year, Aqamnik opened its new outdoor classroom thanks to support from Cranbrook and District Community Foundations and the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds Grant.

“We were able to purchase large boulders to be used as seats for the students,” she said. “The boulders were placed in a semi-circle, creating an outdoor classroom.”

Aqamnik hopes the outdoor classroom gives students a place to learn about traditional language and culture, while connecting with nature and the land. It will also be used as a meeting place for the After School Program/Summer Program and other groups in the community.

Another grant helped to bring life to the new schoolyard.

“We received a grant from Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds to purchase native trees and plants, which will provide the students with shade and a beautiful play space,” she said. “We purchased the plants from Tipi Native Plant Nursery, and the students were involved in the process from beginning to end.”

Students then put in the hard work. They dug holes, planted, moved bark mulch and are now caring for the plants.

“The experience provided them with opportunities to learn about and connect with nature, while also learning about plants that are native to the area,” Costain said. “They also felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride in knowing that they made a significant contribution to their school yard.”

To vote for Aqamnik School online go to You can also check out their videos under “The Blank Canvas (Our Playground)” You can vote once a day.

You can also visit the Aviva Community Funds Facebook page and vote there.

“The videos are so much fun, and really demonstrate how dedicated the school is to providing our students with a safe, fun, nature inspired playground that will match our new building and outdoor classroom,” she said.