Another Extreme Huntress steps up

Jodi Schmideder is a top-20 finalist for reality hunting show, hopes to follow in Nikita Dalke's footsteps.

Jodi Schmideder is a top-20 finalist for this year's edition of Extreme Huntress.

Jodi Schmideder is a top-20 finalist for this year's edition of Extreme Huntress.

Following the experience of Nikita Dalke in last year’s Extreme Huntress competition, another local huntress is aiming for a spot in the reality TV show.

Jodi Schmideder, a Cranbrook woman, completed the entry process online and is in the top-20 finalists. From here, she needs to garner votes and support online, while entrants are also judged on the merit of their application. Online votes make up 40 per cent of the consideration, while judges evaluate social media presence, networking and their 500-word essays for the other 60 per cent.

In her essay she submitted to the Extreme Huntress judges, she wrote that hunting has been in her family since she was a little girl.

“I live a lifestyle that depends on hunting: I do not hunt for trophy, nor respect; I hunt because it’s who I am, and it’s in my blood,” Schmideder said. “I enjoy eating fresh organic meat and I come from a long line of hunters and gathers and I plan to continue my family’s heritage.

“I want to prove not only to women, but to anyone that wants to get into the sport, that hunting is not just about the kill, it’s about coming back to a primal feeling and understanding who you are as a person.”

Schmideder insists that being a hunter isn’t just about the sporting aspect of it.

“I was raised to appreciate and respect what I have gathered and I believe strongly in proper game management and conservation of our wild lands,” she wrote. “This passion lead me to pursue an education in environmental science, where I spent two years expanding my knowledge on wildlife management and the importance of conservation at the Lethbridge College.”

Schmideder stopped by the Daily Townsman to talk about her essay submitted to the show and the advice she received from Dalke.

“Basically, hunting to me when I wrote it—it’s not about the kill, it’s about just getting out with my father, was the most important, because he started taking me out when I was two years old,” Schmideder. “I remember sitting in the car seat and he’d give us 10 cents for every animal we’d see.

“It was just more of an experience hanging out with him.”

Dalke urged her to go for it when Schmideder approached her for advice.

“When I talked to her, she basically said it’s a really great personal experience…learning about herself and seeing what she’s capable of doing and putting herself out there, which is the hardest thing for a lot of people,” Schmideder said.

In terms of hunting experience, Schmideder has hunted elk, whitetail and mule deer, ducks, turkeys, black bear and moose. She is a member of the Cranbrook Big Game Club and has been featured twice in Big Buck magazine for successful mule deer and elk hunts.

Schmideder is one of three B.C. huntresses aiming for a spot on the show; Erica Forsyth from Elkford and Shannon Lansdowne from Nanoose Bay are also in the top-20 finalists.

Extreme Huntress is accepting votes until Monday, June 1st, 2015. To vote for Schmideder, click here. From there, you can send in your vote for Schmideder via email.

After the June 1st deadline, the top six finalists will be chosen for the show, which is filmed at the 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas.