Cranbrook City Hall.

Annual financial report discloses municipal salaries, expenses

The City has released an annual financial report disclosing remuneration of elected officials and city employees earning over $75,000 as well as municipal spending on goods and services for the previous fiscal year.

The Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) is an annual financial report that must be submitted to the provincial government before a June 30th deadline.

In 2021, Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt earned a salary of $67,000, while councillors earned a $24,000 salary.

The city’s top administration official, CAO Mark Fercho, had the highest salary at $194,000.

According to the report, gross earnings for those employees making over $75,000 came out to $6.4 million, with an additional $76,981 in expenses. Gross earnings for employees earning under the $75,000 threshold totaled up to $6.4 million, with $83957 in expenses.

Total earnings added up to $12.85 million, with a further $159,043 in expenses, which is roughly in line with the same total in the 2020 reporting year.

One severance agreement was made with a non-union employee, representing 12 months of compensation.

Under municipal financial reporting rules, the city must also disclose payments over $25,000 for goods and services, the largest amounts going towards various projects associated with the Capital Works program.

In 2021, the city paid $3.8 million to Hazelwood Construction Services, which was awarded a contract for the Cranbrook Influent Trunk Main.

The city also paid $1.8 million to Gally Equipment Services Ltd., $1.9 million Interroute Construction Ltd (BA Blacktop) and $1.7 million to Okanagan Aggregates Ltd.