Elkford Secondary School. Photo created with Google Maps

Elkford Secondary School. Photo created with Google Maps

Alleged threat to Elkford Secondary raises alarms

After school concluded yesterday, Wednesday October 18, Elkford Secondary School reportedly received a threat.

After investigating the scene, RCMP confirmed they have not found it to be a legitimate threat.

“We have investigated the report of a threat, and we haven’t found any credible threat to exist at the school,” said RCMP Cpl. Bob Wright.

There are RCMP officers in the area of Elkford as per normal. Part of their normal school duties include school walks and visits throughout the day. Today, the school remains open.

RCMP is a partner in the District Violence Threat Protocol, which assists the School District and Community in providing a safe environment.

“Through a multidisciplinary approach, students who may be contemplating violent action can be identified and provided with appropriate intervention,” it reads.

For more information about the DVTP, visit: www.Sd5.bc.ca/staff/HealthSafety/threatviolence/Documents/Threat%20Violence%20Protocols%20_%20SD5.pdf

“We’ve investigated the information we’ve received, and again we didn’t find any immediate or credible threat to the safety of the students or teachers of the school,” said Cpl. Wright.

RCMP believe that what was interpreted as a threat played out over social media.

The Elkford Secondary School Facebook page posted this morning, “The school is aware of the social media buzz pertaining to a school threat. The safety of all will always be our number one priority. We take all threatening comments and behaviours seriously. School District #5 has a protocol in place and this process is followed when a school becomes aware of a threat made against it. This involves a multi-disciplinary team, including SD5 staff, the RCMP, and community agencies, who will investigate and respond appropriately to ensure the safety of everyone.”

More updates will follow as the story progresses.