Added watering restrictions a real possibility

City says further restrictions could be put into place this summer due to a lower than normal snowpack and the lack of rain.

  • May. 15, 2015 9:00 a.m.

Cranbrook, BC (May 13, 2015) – With the area facing a lower than normal snowpack and the traditional spring rains seemingly missing in action, the City of Cranbrook is asking residents and businesses to be aware that additional watering restrictions may be put into place this summer.

The year round outdoor water management policy allows for watering of lawns and gardens on Monday, Thursday and Saturday for even numbered properties; Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for odd numbered properties. No one waters on Wednesday. This covers all outdoor water use including: washing of vehicles, RV’s, campers, boats, windows and the filling of kids’ pools or hot tubs.

“Under the City’s current Outdoor Water Management policy, there is a second phase of water management that can be put into effect,” says Chris Zettel, Corporate Communications Officer for the City of Cranbrook. “If the Phillips Reservoir level reaches 75% capacity and is not getting enough additional water to maintain that level, that would mean reducing the number of times per week you would be allowed to water outdoors.”

Currently, the Phillips Reservoir is full, but with the lack of moisture the water level will begin dropping. Public Works staff at the reservoir will be continually monitoring the water levels throughout the spring and summer.

“We want our residents to be prepared if any additional water restrictions are put into place,” Zettel says. “We know people love their lawns and gardens and want them to thrive. But I think it is important to carefully consider what you plant this year and be prepared to make some decisions about what you water and what you are prepared to just let go.”

Staff with the City’s parks is also preparing in case of added restrictions coming into effect to change their watering schedules for City parks, green spaces and flowers. Any restriction put into effect for the public, the City will follow suit.

Going forward, the City of Cranbrook will provide public updates about the reservoir levels at least every two weeks through all its local media partners and on the City’s website. Staff wants to ensure that everyone has ample lead time should the additional restrictions need to be put into place and understand why.

“It is still quite possible our normal spring rains are coming and we may get them over the next few weeks,” Zettel adds. “But the reality is that if we don’t get some significant rainfall over the next month, we could find ourselves in the situation where the added restrictions are necessary. We are not trying to scare anyone, we just want you to be aware and prepared.”

For more information about water conservation and what you can do to conserve, visit our website at and click on ‘Water Conservation’ under the City of Cranbrook Links on the homepage.