AAP $10 million loan proposal passes

City says 95 per cent of electors approved council's Alternative Approval Process proposal to borrow $10 million.

Following the October 31st deadline of the alternative approval process, the City has confirmed the result that shows approximately 95 per cent of the electors endorsed the borrowing proposal of $10 million dollars for the 2017 capital roads program, as per sections 86 and 180 of the Community Charter.

The final number of elector response forms will be made public at the regular meeting of Council on Monday November 7, 2016 at 6:00pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.

This additional funding for the 2017 capital roads program would allow the City to conduct extensive road resurfacing and rehabilitation, while addressing important priority water and sewer infrastructure investments throughout the City including a full reconstruction of 2nd Street South from Highway 3 through to 10th Avenue South.

The benefits of this capital program in 2017 will be far reaching and create many positive impacts. Not only will residents and visitors see improvement in the road surface and the necessary underground utilities, we will see a reduction in our infrastructure liability from further deterioration, improved road safety, pedestrian accessibility (walkability) and vehicle mobility, improved emergency response capability and storm water management along with improved community image and vibrancy.

Another key element to this capital work is the creation of economic advantage. The City is actively pursuing new industries and business in order to create jobs and pay taxes helping reduce everyone’s tax burden. If a company visits the City and sees a huge infrastructure deficit and nothing being done to improve the situation, they will not consider moving here because they see huge tax increases coming in order to do the work.