A white Christmas in the forecast

A good chance for snow on Christmas Eve as a cold front moves through the region: Environment Canada

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and according to Environment Canada, that may yet be the case.

There is some snow on the ground, but lately, warm temperatures have melted much of it, but there may be some more flurries on the way, said Doug Lundquist, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

There could be a few flurries on Tuesday afternoon/evening, but Lundquist notes that it’s looking likely that Cranbrook could see some snow on Christmas Eve and into the night.

“There’s a cold front forecasted to move through the area on Christmas Eve into Christmas night,” said Lundquist. “So I think the chances of some flurries around will perhaps give you some snow.

“…I think it’s possible you’ll have a white Christmas.”

Cranbrook has gotten some snowfall over the past few months, but it’s been roughly below-average so far, according to Lundquist.

The October average is four centimetres (cm), and Cranbrook got nothing this year. November’s average is 24 cm, while this year’s total was 32 cm. December’s average is 34 cm, but there has only been nine cm so far.

“We did have that snow early in the year, it started out like a normal season, but they really like to rack the snow up in December to cover up the rocks and such and it’s been a lacklustre month for snow December this year,” said Lundquist.

“…It has been not a great season to start, we’re quite snow-free.”

It’s had an impact up the highway, as Kimberley Alpine Resort has a snow pack of 57 cm with only 11 runs open as of Tuesday morning’s snow report.

“The month isn’t over yet and all we need is a couple good storms and distance to move further south and we’ll rack up some more snow, but there’s some snow today, then it’s going to be fairly dry until the weekend, then perhaps early next week there’ll be something more,” said Lundquist.

“It doesn’t mean we won’t get a flurry here or there, it’s just not going to accumulate a lot other than a bit today and maybe this time next week.”