A weekend at home for Jenna; then a setback

15-year-old Jenna Homeniuk of Kimberley, who has been battling leukemia in Calgary since August, came home for a visit this past weekend.

  • Mar. 19, 2013 7:00 a.m.
Jenna Homeniuk

Jenna Homeniuk

Carolyn Grant

Fifteen-year-old Jenna Homeniuk of Kimberley, who has been battling leukemia in Calgary since last August, came home  for a visit this past weekend.

It was only a short visit, and Jenna is now back in Children’s Hospital in Calgary, but for a few short hours at least, Jenna left illness behind and enjoyed a day outdoors.

“It’s with a heavy heart I bring you this update,” said family friend Shari Lamarche.  “Jenna was home in Kimberley this weekend, however it was not to stay. Jenna is yet again beginning her fight with cancer.”

Lamarche says Jenna had a wonderful day thanks to some special people.

“Sunday morning I called Brenda Birrell and asked her if she could arrange for a dog sled ride and horseback ride for Jenna. She didn’t hesitate. She said, ‘I will make it happen.’

“Brenda teamed up with a wonderful person named Jean Terpsma and together gave Jenna and her family a day to remember. It was a day filled with fun, excitement, joy, love and a few tears.

“I cannot thank these women enough for taking the time to make Jenna’s weekend home a memorable one.”

Sadly, shortly after that, Jenna had to return to hospital.

Mom Paula Thomas has sent along this message.

“It brings our family great sadness to inform you all that Jenna has had a relapse. We remain hopeful as Jenna is in very good hands at the Children’s Hospital. I believe in prayer and ask you to please add Jenna to your prayer list.

“One week ago we were told we would be headed home in a few short weeks. We are now back to square one and will remain in Calgary over the next several months.

“We would like to thank you all for the amazing love and support you have sent us. Your compassion and kind words are with us always.”

The community has raised thousands of dollars to support Jenna and her family since word of her illness was heard last summer.