A Kimberley SAR rescuer brings the stranded hiker to safety.

A Kimberley SAR rescuer brings the stranded hiker to safety.

A successful rope rescue

Kimberley Search and Rescue safely rescue woman who fell near Meachen Creek Falls

  • Nov. 3, 2014 8:00 p.m.

Carolyn Grant

Cpl. Chris Newel, Operations NCO for Kimberley RCMP, reports that on Sunday, November 2, Kimberley Search and Rescue (SAR) successfully performed a technical rope rescue of a woman who had fallen into the creek while hiking near Meachen Falls.

“The woman had been out the day before for a walk when she lost her footing around 5 p.m. (Saturday) and fell into the water,” Newel said. “Some of her clothing was lost in the current, but she managed to make her way out of the creek to a nearby ledge and wait.”

The woman waited overnight, he says, and it wasn’t until the next day that two hikers heard her call for help around 11:30 a.m. and contacted RCMP.

RCMP immediately activated Kimberley Search and Rescue through Emergency Management BC., Newel says.

“Fourteen volunteers including a dedicated rope rescue team attended the scene.

“The woman was taken to East Kootenay Regional Hospital by ambulance where she is reported to be in good health. She was suffering from hypothermia from her 16 hour ordeal.”

“The team performed a difficult rescue, in an absolutely stellar manner,” said Scott MacLeod, the Search Manager and President of Kimberley SAR.

MacLeod says it is astounding that the woman is doing as well as she is, considering the rainy, cool weather on Saturday night and the many hours she spent on the ledge.

“She got out of the water, up on a ledge and just huddled,” MacLeod said. “She was extremely cold when we got to her. It’s really just a miracle, plus she’s obviously very tough.”

“These dedicated volunteers train weekly for a variety of situations, in this case the training paid off with the safe rescue,” Newel said.