Postal Union hoping for more support

Union representatives will be asking council for support in opposing Canada Post's proposal to eliminate door-to-door delivery.

Representatives from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Local 728 will be asking council for support in opposing Canada Post’s proposal to eliminate door-to-door delivery.

The CUPW will be in council tonight, June 9, at 6 p.m. as a delegation to ask for council’s support in allowing the union to place signs in Cranbrook, as well as to talk about the impacts that the loss of postal services could bring to the community.

Karen Panchuk, president of the local postal workers union, noted in the agenda package that the union wants to bring focus to key elements that it is concerned will become an issue if Canada Post is allowed to eliminate door-to-door delivery and install community mailboxes in Cranbrook.

She noted that residents with mobility or vision issues will be affected adversely.

She also noted the environmental impacts the move could have, as well as the effects to “health and safety for all Cranbrook residents during the winter months,” and “job loss in our community.”

The second element of the presentation is to ask for the support.

“We would like to request access to place large ‘save door-to-door’ signs on the City’s Green Boulevards on Cranbrook street and Van Horne street,” Panchuk wrote, noting that the signs would be 4 x 8 feet wide and fall within the bylaws of the road safety guidelines.

They also requested that sometime in the future council hold a city hall meeting open to the public, where invited guest speakers, such as Canada Post and the CUPW could speak.

City council did ask Canada Post to come as a delegation and address its concerns back in April. Council received the response that the postal corporation won’t come to speak to municipalities until it begins the phase out of door-to-door delivery in that municipality in question. That meant that until Cranbrook is phased out, residents and the city will be left with only the information available.

On April 22, the CUPW local sent a letter to Cranbrook city council asking that it pass a resolution against the Canada’s move from door-to-door delivery to community mailboxes.

On May 12, Coun. Gerry Warner brought forward a resolution to send a letter to Lisa Raitt, federal Minster of Transport, expressing the city’s objection Canada Post’s end to door-to-door delivery, which passed.