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Should you replace your windows? Here’s what you need to know

Window replacement rebates and other tips to save time and money
Ecoline Windows offers window replacement in BC and across Canada.

Is it time to replace your windows? From comfort to energy efficiency, there are many benefits to quality windows, but before you consider window replacement, take time to assess the condition of your current windows.

6 point inspection for window replacement:

  1. Window panes: If your windows are single pane, it’s a good idea to replace them. Installing double or triple pane energy efficient windows may cut heat loss by half.
  2. Window glass: Look for glass that’s broken, loose or has trapped moisture between the panes. Condensation between window panes means the seal is broken and the window is no longer providing energy efficiency. Contact the original manufacturer to find out if they can replace the glass (and to check your window warranty), or consider full window replacement.
  3. Window material: The lifetime of vinyl windows is at least 20 years. Whether your windows are made from vinyl, aluminum, fibreglass or wood, inspect the material for signs of rot or damage.
  4. Air leaks: Light an incense stick or candle and walk around the window frame to look for drafts. If the window doesn’t have too may air leaks, new caulking and weatherstripping may be all you need.
  5. Window hardware: Check for loose or faulty hardware, and assess the ease of operation. Sometimes replacing hardware can postpone a major window replacement.
  6. Condensation: If there’s condensation between the panes of your window, they may need to be replaced. But if the condensation is on the room side of the glass, your windows are actually likely in great shape! Balancing the humidity inside your home should solve the issue.

Save money when you replace windows

If you’ve completed an inspection of your windows and see signs of age or damage, replacing your windows will make your home more comfortable. Installing high quality windows is an excellent investment in your home, improving its curb appeal and offering significant energy cost savings. You’ll also reduce outside noise inside your home.

While the benefits are obvious, replacing all windows in your home can be one of your largest home renovation expenses. Use this window replacement cost estimator to get a sense of your required budget. If price is a factor, consider these tips to make window replacement more affordable.

  • Retrofit vs. full frame installation: Not all windows need to be replaced! Save money by only replacing glass or hardware, or retrofit windows by installing new windows into existing frames.
  • Don’t replace all your windows at once: To spread the cost over a few years, replace only a few windows at a time.
  • Take advantage of window rebates: Up to $10,000 in rebates are available for residential renovation projects that reduce energy costs!

Window rebates in British Columbia

British Columbians can earn rebates for completing residential renovation projects that reduce your home’s energy costs. Qualifying upgrades include the following:

  • Replacement windows and doors — up to $2,000
  • Insulation — $1,200
  • Air source heat pump — up to $2,000
  • Electric heat pump water heater — $1,000
  • Extra rebates available when homeowners complete two or more upgrades within 18 months.

As of Oct. 1, 2019, homeowners can receive up to $2,000 on select windows and door replacements. Windows and doors with a U-Factor value of 1.40 to 1.23 (W/M2-K) qualify at $50 each, for a maximum rebate of $1,000. Windows and doors with a maximum U-Factor of 1.22 (W/M2-K) qualify at $100 each, for a maximum rebate of $2,000.

The U-Factor relates to the rate of heat loss of a window assembly including the glazing, frame and spacers. The lower the U-Factor, the better insulating properties.

To qualify for the rebate, home owners must meet three requirement standards:

Upgrade your home’s comfort and efficiency, and transform your living space into a modern sanctuary. To consult with local window experts to find a cost-effective solution for your home, call 778-400-2063!

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