Stahl Electric offers local business owners maintenance packages for continued care of your building’s electrical needs.

Stahl Electric offers local business owners maintenance packages for continued care of your building’s electrical needs.

She’s the SPARK in this electrical company

A master at multi-tasking, Nicky Heiz loves to be busy and loves to help

In most businesses there are two parts to the customer experience: there’s the person who performs the service (whether that’s dental work or electrical repair) and then there’s the person who answers the phone.

Sometimes they’re painfully uninformed, claim to be impossibly busy, or insist on scolding you before scheduling an appointment. And then there’s Nicky Heiz.

“Nicky is truly indispensable. She’s an integral part of our team as well as a unique asset to our company,” says Kendra Stahl of Stahl Electric.

Heiz does a lot more than just answer the phones, but that’s how most customers get to know her. If your lights won’t turn on half-an-hour before your store opening, Heiz can send out an electrician and hunt down the right replacement part. If you’re swimming in BCHydro paperwork and don’t understand how to get a rebate, Heiz will help you out.

“She’s been in the electrical industry for a long time. We actually head-hunted her from one of the local wholesalers a few years ago,” Stahl says. “She knows every part, tool and roll of wire out there — and we use thousands of different materials! She doggedly hunts down the best prices for our customers for all our job materials and keeps us up to date on all the newest and best products.”

Master multi-tasker

“I was born and raised in Cranbrook, and I’ve been a part of the electrical community over 15 years, which is crazy to say!” says Heiz. “I enjoy making customers happy and do my very best to accommodate everybody equally. The whole team at Stahl Electric is fantastic — everyone from the electricians to the owners work hard and treat people well.”

As Operations Manager at Stahl Electric Heiz is a master at multi-tasking, managing everything from project scheduling to estimates, invoicing and organizing Stahl’s electricians.

“She makes sure everything is running smoothly, and if anybody’s not performing at their best and brightest they’d better watch out!” Stahl says. “She is a genuine spark in our electrical company.”

When Heiz is finished juggling her duties at Stahl Electric she goes home to manage a busy young family and a few extra side projects.

“I have a great husband and a seven-year-old boy. We’re also billets for the Cranbrook Bucks, which my son loves. They’re great role models!” says Heiz, who also runs a home business selling cosmetics, called Beautycounter. “I’m a busy full-time working mom and don’t know how I manage it all, but I like to be helpful and busy all at once. I feel appreciated and cared-for at Stahl Electric — they understand family comes first, and treat all of their employees like part of their family.”

Stahl Electric is also a proud supporter of the Cranbrook Bucks, minor hockey, and other community groups. For home and business electrical work get in touch by calling 250-417-9139, or emailing

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