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Pre-travel tips to ensure your RV is ready for a summer adventure

Exclusive summer deals from the Kootenay's RV experts
Carson Boals is the Cranbrook Fixed Operations Manager for Runners RV. Photo courtesy of Runners RV.

Since 1989, Runners RV has helped Cranbrook families and adventurers get out into the great outdoors. That history is why the Kootenay's RV specialists are also the go-to choice when it comes to ensuring the family recreational vehicle is in tip-top shape for summer – before hitting the road!

“Here at Runners RV, we understand the importance of quality and reliability in your outdoor experiences,” says Carson Boals, the Cranbrook Fixed Operations Manager.

Runners RV offers a variety of services and packages to cater to the unique needs of each customer. According to Boals, one of the highlights is their 18-point inspection service, crucial for preventive maintenance.

Priced at $169, this package includes checks on propane systems, appliances, water systems, roof and exterior seals, tires, brakes and lighting.

“It’s about catching potential issues early on, ensuring that no one has to deal with a malfunctioning fridge or gas leaks on their trip,” Boals says.

For those getting for a summer vacay, Boals recommends focusing on exterior maintenance.

"The main thing you want to do before the summer hits is to check your exterior seals, especially around windows and roofs, to prevent water damage," he notes, pointing out that doing so will enhance both the longevity of your RV and its comfort during travel.

Another critical service is the propane inspection package, priced at $89.95. This includes a detailed check for leaks and a pressure test of appliances to ensure that everything from the hot water heater to the stove and fridge is functioning correctly.

The dealership frequently updates its promotions and specials, with information readily available through their active Facebook page. From their service options to the full range of RVs for sale, the Runners RV team aims to serve a broad range of customer preferences and needs from families needing extra bunk space or adventurers requiring rugged, heavy-duty units for fishing or hunting trips.

“Everyone's looking for something different. Some might prioritize tech features like solar panels, while others want ample room space or enhanced comfort with reclining chairs and upgraded mattresses,” Boals says.

“Come down, see what we have in store, or check our latest deals online. We’re here to make sure you have everything you need for a perfect trip."

Visit or visit the shop at 1800 McPhee Rd. and make sure to follow on Facebook for all deals!