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Get moving! Capitalize on low supply by listing your home now

With new Cranbrook residences opening soon, selling before spring puts you ahead of the rush
Cranbrook housing demand is high and supply is low, but with construction projects in the pipeline that seller’s market won’t last forever! Talk to Kaytee Wheaton and Jason Wheeldon today to put your house up for sale today.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, the time to reach out to a real estate professional is now. Like, today!

Real estate agent Jason Wheeldon knows many homeowners in Cranbrook are waiting for the right time to put their home on the market, and common wisdom says spring is usually the best time to sell. But do you want the local insider information?

“Demand is about 10 per cent above the 10-year average, and supply is at historic lows,” Wheeldon says, “Typically in January and February we’ll sell about 30 single-family dwellings locally. But there are only 45 houses available right now.”

So if you were thinking of waiting for the spring, think again.

Projects in the pipeline

Supply for single-family homes is short now, but it won’t be down forever. In fact, anyone with an eye on real estate in Cranbrook knows there are big changes coming.

The next phase of the seniors’ care facility Kootenay Street Village is opening this spring, and as those seniors take possession of their new homes they’ll be looking to sell their old ones. Wheeldon expects that will add 50 to 55 homes to the market in April. A new condo project is slated to open in August, bringing even more supply to the region.

“April, May and June are typically stronger for selling, but that’s also when there’s the highest level of competition,” Wheeldon says.

And even if you’re not looking outward at trends in the neighbourhood, now is a great time to reach out to a real estate agent to learn if there are any home projects you should be tackling to make your home more attractive when you do list it.

“This is a perfect time to prepare our clients for the next six months,” Wheeldon says, “We can prepare a list of recommendations that will have minimal financial impact, but assist in maximizing the sale price.”

If you reach out to Jason Wheeldon Personal Real Estate Corporation at Royal LePage East Kootenay Realty, they’ll do a comprehensive analysis on your home to indicate market value. They’ll also give you an indication of expected competition now and in the future, to paint a picture of what to expect from your selling experience.

The personal touch

With 26 years in real estate in Cranbrook, Jason Wheeldon is most locals’ top choice. But he’s noticed that some people are shying away because they assume that he no longer has time for smaller sales. That’s simply not true.

Whether you have a small manufactured home or an executive home, Wheeldon implements the same care, detail and attention to each client.

“Our practice was built on the success of our first-time home-buyers who are still with us today.”

For a small-market realtor to finish sixth in sales among Royal LePage real estate agents in the province, they must be doing something right!

Visit for more information, or call 250-420-2350.

Award-winning Jason Wheeldon Personal Real Estate Corporation gives care and attention to all their clients, whether it’s a small manufactured home or an executive home.