Police officer assaulted, 15-year-old charged

Police officer assaulted, 15-year-old charged

Youth turns violent after RCMP break up gathering at Idlewild Park.

A party gone wrong at Idlewild has led to charges against a 15 year old female.

Cranbrook RCMP members received a call about a party at Idlewild Park on April 30th. Police were advised that there were several youths having a camp fire in the park.

Cranbrook members approached the group of six people and noted open liquor along with drug paraphernalia on a table nearby. Police told the group that the park was closing and that they had to leave.

Most of the group was co-operative as they poured out open liquor, howver, one of the partiers was less than pleased at being told to leave and began to yell and swear at police.

The police officer told her to walk away and to leave with her friends, but she neglected to take the officer’s advice and continued to yell and scream.

RCMP arrested the 15-year-old and as they were handcuffing her to take her to the police vehicle, she began to kick and pull away from officers. At one point, she kicked the officer in the face and chest and also threatened to kill the police officer. She was eventually placed in the police vehicle and lodged in cells.

Charges of assault police officer and uttering threats are being recommended for the 15 year old resident of Cranbrook.