Cranbrook RCMP’s week on the beat

Cranbrook RCMP’s week on the beat

The Cranbrook RCMP detachment received 148 calls for service for the week of June 18 to June 25. Of these 148 calls, 17 were false alarms or false 911 calls, and 10 calls were related to mental health. Of those ten, one involved an apprehension and three involved assistance to the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

There were five incidents of people driving under the influence of alcohol and there were two collisions in the city, and two outside city limits. In the city the first collision involved a car versus a cyclist, with no injury and minimal damage, and the other between two vehicles that involved minor injury and some property damage. One of the out-of-town accidents was a rear ender in Moyie, where a driver was charged for following too closely causing minor injury and extensive damage to the vehicles involved. Another driver struck a deer out near Jaffray, causing minor damage to the vehicle.

There were 13 driving complaints — eight in the city, four on the highway or in rural areas, and one hit and run, in which a parked car was hit but no damage was done.

There were six assaults responded to this week. Two were domestic in nature and one involved a male being charge, there was a mutual fight between two people who knew each other, a pushing match between customers at a local convenience store, a bar fight involving minor injury, and a nurse who was assaulted by a female who was then arrested and charged.

A grand total of 15 thefts took place over the course of the week, of those five were shoplifting. No thefts of vehicles occurred, but there were seven thefts, or attempted thefts from various locations. A computer was stolen from an unlocked vehicle, and an iPod and watch stolen from another vehicle that was also unlocked. There were reports of a man trying vehicle doors that did not lead to an arrest, but it is important to remember to lock your car doors.

There was a break an enter attempt at a business, a male was arrested after the alarm was off but he was apprehended under the Mental Health Act. A break and enter to a residence occurred at around 3:00 a.m. on June 19. A young man was tracked by the police dog and arrested by Cpl. Sullivan and Cranbrook General Duty officers. The youth in question faces multiple charges and is a repeat offender.

Two instances of damage to vehicles were reported: a car had its window smashed out and a TV was damaged by an ex-boyfriend.