Letters to the Editor: Dec. 7

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 7

Godspell; Fearmongering about electoral reform; The deer


If you missed Godspell, you missed out on an incredible performance — amazing voices, great acting, imaginative costumes, wonderful choreography. The cast captured the true essence of this magical story and music with ease.

It filled our hearts with hope and joy and love as promised. Thank you Turner and Adler and company for all that you bring to our beautiful city.

Keith and Kay Nicholas


Fear mongering

B.C. VIEWS: One political coalition is plotting to kill another. Tom Fletcher, Dec. 4, 2017.

I don’t know what party Fletcher supports but he’s certainly quoting from the BC Liberal playbook. He’s reiterating the fear mongering and slanted comments used by the BC Liberals in trying to scuttle the campaign for electoral reform.

He and the BC Liberals seem to be using the Big Lie tactic used by propagandists the world over. Tell it often enough and loudly enough and people will believe it.

Fletcher engages in fear mongering – “Communists could win a seat in the B.C. legislature, perhaps joined by one of those hard-right anti-immigration parties that are flourishing in Europe.” Yes, and it could snow in Victoria in July. Fact is fringe parties in BC get a very small percentage of the popular vote, not enough to win a seat. It’s easy to prevent every tiny party from winning a seat. Use a threshold, a certain % of the popular vote being required to get a seat through proportional representation, or requite a party to win a seat through the normal process before being eligible for a proportional seat.

Fear mongering again – raising the spectre of rural areas dominated by those awful urban areas, where most of the population is concentrated. “——that the referendum be decided by a simple majority of those who actually vote, regardless of region or turnout.”

Isn’t this how government works. Sit in any session of the legislature and you’ll see that a simple majority rules. You’ll see that when the Clark’s Liberals were in power, their predominantly rural power base wagged the urban dog.

Public financing of political parties? Except for India and Switzerland, all the established democracies engage in some form of public subsidy. In an age where money wins elections, doing away with corporate and union donations and replacing those with public subsidies makes for a more level playing field.

Daryl Sturdy


The Deer Are Sacred

So our city plans another cull — that’s absolutely terrible. Barbaric too. Alternatives exist, and work.

Do not be fooled. The fact is that negative forces are trying their best to destroy all on this earth. Vast numbers of species are gone. Some 67 per cent of birds, bees, too. Large herds of elk and deer are gone.

I say, save the deer. They are part of the Creator’s creation. To kill them, you are siding with pure evilness. Not one human has been killed by a deer, yet millions over the years have been at the hands of humans.

We cannot live without them, and all the other species that exist.

I have called our Premier’s office to request no more deer culls, and I hope a lot of you in the public stand up more, too.

The deer are sacred.

In the end, we will all have the the Creator to answer to.

Help save the deer. Translocation is best. Not the negative thoughts of “kill, kill, kill them …”

Rhonda (Jackson) Brass