Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Meaning of the flag has been corrupted; Hunting is a privilege, not a right

Meaning of the flag corrupted

We had a dilemma in the last few weeks. Do we keep flying our Canadian flag to show our pride in being Canadian or bring it down because it’s true meaning has been corrupted by the far right agenda.

We say agenda as we are not sure what they stand for, except some form of anarchy.

It is sad that we have become a nation of people suspicious of our Canadian symbol. Nationwide, we feel for the new Canadians who so gladly wave the Canadian flag to show their pride in becoming Canadians as they are now wondering about their safety in doing so.

What have we become and what is our future?

As the informed majority in this country we must take back our flag and strive toward civil discourse and behaviour.

We will keep our flag flying and hope others will do so as well.

Fran Kellington and Rod Uhll, Kimberley

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Hunting a privilege, not a right

I would like to reply to the recent letter about wildlife management and wolves.

The way to increase our wildlife is to reduce or restrict the issuance of hunting licenses.

It grieves me when I read about a proud parent bragging that their twelve year old child has shot their first deer.

Wolves have to eat and they eat deer, elk, mose, sheep. It is their natural food.

Man has to eat and he/she can go to the grocery store or meat market to purchase their meat. They would be contributing to the economy and helping the farmers and ranchers.

Wolves are not the biggest predator of our wildlife: the biggest predator is mankind.

Hunting is not a right, it is a privilege.

Shirley Green, Cranbrook