Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Development on Innes Avenue; With gratitude to Mass Choir hosts

Development on Innes Avenue

Dear Mayor and City Councillors;

In regard to the proposed amendment to change the zoning on Innes Avenue to Medium Density:

City Council should have a detailed look at the impact that the new zoning changes will make. Woodmor Estates would share a common fenceline with the property in question. As a member of the Strata Council at Woodmor, a quick count estimates that currently there are just over 100 persons living in 66 individually owned lots. A modest estimate of the individual houses along Innes Avenue would bump the total up another 50 persons. The density of 292 units developed would have the potential to accomodate 450 to 600 persons minimally depending on the size of the renting families.

City Council has to determine whether or not the number of persons living on Innes will be able to handle a potential triple, quadruple or higher increase in population.

Children that must walk to school using Innes Avenue hazard a walk along the side of a road that drops into a ditch as there are no sidewalks to get to their respective school. Soon there could be many children living in the development which would take a great deal of planning on behalf of the School Board to handle the higher amount of pupils at both schools after figuring out how to get the children to school safely. Planning prior to re-zoning to protect the children should be carefully considered first.

Roads leading out of the development would have to be connected to 3rd Avenue with an increased volume of traffic on Innes itself. Vehicle traffic which could increase by hundreds has the potential to become hazardous as renters are forced to drive through either of the two school zones then downtown then further north to get to shopping areas.

The City Council should assess the pros and cons until they have all the answers to all the tax payers questions before they vote to re-zone on a development that would be at the very high end of medium density possibly built in a poor location.

Yours Truly,

Fred Searle/Secretary of Strata Council NES-81

Mass Choir: With gratitude to our hosts

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, over 320 Cranbrook elementary school students took to the stage at the Cranbrook Alliance Church to provide Christmas Cheer to an audience of 1,000-plus.

To many locals, this annual collaboration of the Cranbrook Elementary Music Teachers has become a well-loved tradition and the official start to the Christmas Season. Let it be noted that many members of the audience were former choir members themselves.

For the past eight years, the Cranbrook Alliance Church has hosted this event, ever since this concert outgrew its former home at the College of the Rockies. Along with generously providing the space over three days to allow for set-up and take-down, Alliance Church members have also provided parking lot marshalling and sound/lighting technical support to give the event a smooth and professional touch. They also opened their in-house coffee bar to arriving guests, proceeds from which were given back to the Cranbrook Elementary School breakfast programs.

We would like to collectively thank the Cranbrook Alliance Church for their ongoing support of this unique community event.

In heartfelt appreciation,

The Cranbrook Elementary Music Teachers