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Letter to the Editor: The City’s responsibility under the OCP re: Parnaby Road Badger Habitat

Dear Mayor Pratt & Members of Council:

Dear Mayor Pratt & Members of Council:

Since making your decision to amend the OCP Bylaws and Zoning Bylaw 4080, 2022 re Parnaby Road, in order to allow 78 multi-family units on a 9.9 acre parcel, amidst hobby farms, the snow melt has allowed us to identify three endangered badger burrows on Lot 5 (see map and photographs attached.) This confirms the sightings mentioned in letters and at the Public Hearing, CDC data and designation as Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA).

Although the Staff Report on this matter noted that ESA required before development permits issued, but did not mention the second requirement in the Cranbrook OCP 16.2 states that the City Shall:

The City also will endeavour to protect and preserve ESAs using one or more of the following measures, depending on which measure(s) are appropriate to a given situation:

· dedication through subdivision as a City Open Space Reserve. ESAs acquired as open space reserve will be managed to protect their sensitive features and balance public use,

· dedication as Common Property Open Space Reserve within a strata development.

· dedication to a private land trust (for example Nature Trust of BC) for conservation purposes.

· covenant for conservation purposes with the City, Province and/or nongovernmental organizations eligible to hold Conservations covenants, and/or

· density bonusing, cluster housing, or other development incentives which will facilitate the protection of all or a significant portion of the ESAs. (OCP Amendment Bylaw 3620, 2008)

The City must respect all the OCP requirements of an ESA on Lot 5.

Please reconsider your decision regarding Lot 5 on Parnaby Rd. As previously suggested, having Lot 5 subdivided into smaller self sufficient acreages would accommodate wildlife needs and more closely fit with the neighbourhood of hobby farms.

We look forward to your written response.


Andy Nichols


Trevor Crawley

About the Author: Trevor Crawley

Trevor Crawley has been a reporter with the Cranbrook Townsman and Black Press in various roles since 2011.
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