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Urban Wildlife: Down at Elizabeth Lake

A Killdeer family (Charadrius vociferus) is pictured at Elizabeth Lake, June 5. Killdeer chicks are precocious and are up and about shortly after hatching.  They will follow the parents around and look for food on the ground as soon as their down has dried.
Visitors to Elizabeth Lake  have been seeing a Bullock’s Oriole near the weir at Jimsmith Creek.  The male is easy to spot with its brilliant colouring – bright orange with black and white wings.
Birders were lucky to catch a rare sighting of a Northern Mockingbird  this week.  They  are usually seen farther south and west of our area.
Yellow Warblers are like tiny jewels against the blue sky.  They love brushy habitats and can be found along the shoreline of Elizabeth Lake.