'Gone Fishing,' by Lynn Taylor

Taylor’s dreams take life at Cranbrook Arts

Lynn Taylor grew up in Ontario and dreamt of being an artist someday and she has done just that. Taylor’s work is now on display in the window of Cranbrook Arts Gift Shop for the month of March.

Taylor’s artistic work was initially inspired by her time living on Tobin Island in Muskoka, Ontario, with her husband Jeff. They lived there with two dogs, chickens, and an apiary for their bees. It was here that her husband set up a small studio for her to explore her passion. Much time was spent sketching and planning images that she would someday paint.

The Taylors retired to B.C. five years ago and time to put those sketches to canvas commenced.

Taylor’s paintings are in acrylic and her painting style leans towards realism. Some of her material is from memories and photos from the time on the island. Other inspiration is from various artist and teachers she has had along the way. A few of those people include photographer Jordan Nering, nature artist John De Jong, as well as many painters from the Tobin Island Group of Fine Artists such as Robert Bateman, Loretta Rogers, Doug Dunford and Susan Gosevitz.

Her sisters Darcey Sills and Kerry Sills are a fountain of artistic knowledge and support and luckily, only a phone call away.

With much support she appreciates all those that has encouraged her on this journey to artistic enlightenment.

Check out her work in the window of the Cranbrook Arts Gift Shop at 1013 Baker Street or the online exhibit that will be featured on Cranbrook Arts Facebook and Instagram over the month of March.