Bob Wakulich

Bob Wakulich

Navigating the perils of room-mating

Cranbrook Community Theatre’s ‘The Odd Couple’ at the Studio Stage Door

Aleesha Koersen

A fter seeing Cranbrook Community Theatre’s production of “The Odd Couple,” I have created a new rule for my life: anything that happens after accidently walking in on a belly dancing class is sure to be great.

“The Odd Couple,” by Neil Simon, opened last Friday at the Studio/Stage Door. The theatre is a converted historical building, packed with all of its original charm. The intimate space makes for an enjoyable and cozy experience for the audience and those on stage.

For those who are not aware (don’t worry, I was one of you a few days ago), “The Odd Couple” chronicles the unlikely pairing of two divorced men as they try to navigate “room-mating.” At the offset, Felix Unger finds himself without a place to live. After some undeniably laugh-worthy moments from the whole ensemble, Oscar Madison proposes that the two of them live together in his apartment.

Anyone who has ever experienced a less-than-desirable roommate will find themselves relating to the play and busting a gut throughout.

Without giving too much away, Felix and his compulsive tendencies clash with Oscar, who has taken very well to his new bachelor life. Not only is the relationship between Oscar and Felix threatened but also the fate of their entire gang.

The play was extremely well cast. All players seemed at home in their characters, making the play enjoyable and refreshing.

Oscar’s apartment serves as the main set. Bob McCue, who designed the set and directed the play, did a wonderful job of creating an environment for a fun theatre going experience.

All this is to say that anyone in the Cranbrook area looking for a good laugh should definitely check out “The Odd Couple,” featuring local actors Peter Schalk, Bob Wakulich, Michelle McCue, Andrea Grossman, Alexander Gilmour, Barry Borgstrom, Barry Coulter and Randy Tapp.

You can catch the play May 11-14 and 18-21. Tickets can be purchased at Lotus Books or the door. All shows start at 8 pm.