Clockwise from top: Band of Brothers; Landon Schira, Velle; The Mile High Club. Not pictured: Murf & Co.; Note-Able Folk; Tivk Magnets; Usual Suspects. Playing Saturday, July 28, are Dave Prinn and the Holly and Jon Quartet.

Clockwise from top: Band of Brothers; Landon Schira, Velle; The Mile High Club. Not pictured: Murf & Co.; Note-Able Folk; Tivk Magnets; Usual Suspects. Playing Saturday, July 28, are Dave Prinn and the Holly and Jon Quartet.

Music heats up summer in Rotary Park

SummerSounds Concert Series Line-up for August


The summer is really heating up in Rotary Park in Cranbrook, as the Summer Sounds Concert Series heads into its second month. Music fills the air downtown each Saturday from 6-10pm, Rotary Park, Cranbrook

August 4

VELLE — 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Former violinist for the Jeremy Walsh Band and Barleywik, Velle has also logged time as a music teacher in Victoria BC and is a long-seasoned veteran performer of the national folk and jazz worlds. Her musical adventures have taken her across Ireland, the UK, the US, and Canada. As of late, she’s focused her frontperson role in Kootenay Soul, which features her husband Aaron Weitman (bass), Jason Deatherage (drums), James Jost (guitar), and occasional sit-ins with legendary Cranbrook wizard Robert “Bernie” Bernhardt (keyboards). Kootenay Soul have been featured performers at Fernie’s Wapiti Festival and Kaslo Jazz Etc, and are dedicated road-hounds when touring across BC and Alberta. With two albums already under their belt and a third one on the way later in 2018, Velle’s band keeps on keepin’ on with flair and panache. Velle Weitman and Kootenay Soul performed live at the Key City Theatre’s Gallery Stage as part of the Winter Ale Concert Series, January 31st.

BAND OF BROTHERS — 8pm to 10pm. Band of Brothers is a high energy power trio made up of three sharply dressed brothers that dip into the classics of blues, blues rock, rock from the 60’s,70’s and some straight-ahead country rock. They love to get people on their feet to dance, sing along and have a good time.

August 11

LANDON SCHIRA —6:30pm to 7:30pm. Landon Schira is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter based out of Cranbrook, British Columbia. Alongside his solo work, he has been known to accompany the local reggae band, The Mehditations on keyboard, and local jazz band, The Dean Smith Quartet. Bred on country-folk, raised on rock, and trained in jazz, his unique spin on the classic tunes and his “finger-picking good” originals are sure to keep you entertained.

MILE HIGH CLUB — 8pm to 10pm. Mile High Club is not just a band. They are a vibrant and dynamic entertaining show band. With a repertoire of familiar favorites and seamless medleys designed to encourage dancing and high spirit, no one leaves a Mile High Club show without a smile. Mile High Club performs many shows during the year including weddings, private parties, festivals, ski resorts and bar gigs. With a broad stylistic repertoire spanning six decades of music and sporting brilliant outfits, Mile High Club is sure to please all that are lucky enough to see them play.

Mile High Club, local to Cranbrook, B.C. has been an act since 2014. Several iterations later, Mile High Club is Shane Berry on Drums and sharing lead vocals, David Philippe on guitar and lead vocals, Bernie Primbs on saxophone, keyboards and vocals and last but far from least, the venerable Ferdy Belland on bass guitar.

August 18

NOTE-ABLE FOLK — 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Note-able Folk consists of Janine Grieve on vocals and percussion; James Buhler on guitar, vocals and harmonicas; Dave Grieve on guitar, mandolin, vocals and whistles; and Allan Kimmel on bass. The group plays music from a range of genres including folk, singer-songwriter, pop, rock and jazz, and performs acoustic covers of songs from different eras. The emphasis is on having fun with the tunes, and the group’s vocal stylings are always engaging. Most recently Note-able Folk played Homegrown and Locals, as well as Summer Sounds 2017 and the SPCA “Beers for Barks” fundraiser.

MURF & CO — 8pm to 10pm. Murf & Co are an old school power trio known for their classic rock /blues tunes.

Murf Martin, on Bass, is a thirty-year vet originally based out of London Ontario, who played with Pat Savage Band in USA, Europe, and Canada. Later in Calgary, he played with Kelly Jay/Amos Garrett / A Little Voodoo. Now based out of Kimberly BC the band is comprised of Ed Johnson, on drums who played with Fandango ZZ top tribute and Holly Cow Trio, as well as Keith Larson on Guitar who currently plays with Heather Gemmell and Voodoo Rhythm Kings.

August 25

TICK MAGNETS — 6:30pm to 7:30pm. This group of enthusiastic musicians play an eclectic mix of folk/country/bluegrass/gospel/old time music for audiences young and old. Tick Magnets are a local trio composed of Rollie Cummins and Bob Clark from Wycliffe and Steve Knowles from Cranbrook who came together a few years ago out of a love for acoustic jamming and vocal harmony. In the face of the trials and tribulations that come with the pursuit of the perfect chord, the group takes heart from its motto: “Ticks Dig Us.”

THE USUAL SUSPECTS — 8pm to 10pm. The Usual Suspects play R&B, Blues, Classic Rock and other boogie music. We love to make people dance. Band Members: Scott Ivers (guitar), Brian Comrie(keys), Gar Stewart(bass) and Steve Benty (drums). We met while in jail at Alcatraz – but don’t let that fool you. We’re not high class criminals. Please don’t tell anyone where we’re playing tonight; our parole officer doesn’t know we’re out of town ! No pictures please !

Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society wraps up the 2018 free outdoor concert series in Rotary Park with the 2 day ‘PEAK’ Music Festival featuring 10 bands August 31st and September 1st. Watch these pages for details.