Mount Baker choir joining Pink Floyd tribute band in Cranbrook

Mount Baker choir joining Pink Floyd tribute band in Cranbrook

PIGS plays Key City Theatre Saturday, Sept. 28

PIGS — Canada’s number one touring Pink Floyd tribute — are bringing their authentic recreation of 1970s Floyd to fans ‘in the flesh’ with North American tour

The ”In The Flesh” tour stops in Cranbrook’s Key City Theatre on Saturday, Sept. 28.

PIGS’s return to Cranbrook will once again feature the Mount Baker Secondary School choir, under the direction of Evan Bueckert, going the band onstage for the iconic Floyd song. “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2.”

Formed in 2008 in Victoria, PIGS spent over a decade meticulously recreating the live sound and concert experience of seventies-era Pink Floyd and have perfected their craft in front of audiences throughout Canada. The last few years have seen PIGS emerge as the premier touring Pink Floyd tribute in Canada playing to over 100,000 fans, with every show featuring their meticulous attention to the details of the live Floyd experience. PIGS recreate the live experience of the seventies with authentic gear, accurate parts, and voices so close to the original it’s hard to tell them apart.

Using authentic instruments and equipment, the band recreates the sound and live concert experience of Pink Floyd in their heyday. Pink Floyd’s live shows were always a huge part of their appeal — and PIGS have been working to keep that experience alive for generations to come. PIGS have the voices, the mannerisms, the authentic gear, the correct players, lights, lasers, visuals, and sound. PIGS are as close as fans will get to experiencing the live sound and experience of 70s Floyd shows.

PIGS shows truly are a labour of love. Over a dozen different guitars and basses are used each night, songs are carefully performed combining aspects of both studio and original live versions, and the correct equipment is used when possible down to the proper cables and guitar strings. Set-lists are developed to highlight both the biggest hits and the most interesting rarities; PIGS are driven to keep their shows fresh, dynamic, authentic, and exciting for their fans.

Visual artist VJ Photon (Erik Nortman) has been working with PIGS since 2009, collaborating with the band to combine their own material with original footage from Pink Floyd’s Mr. Screen, closely imitating the classic look from the seventies with state of the art visuals and lasers.

PIGS’ In The Flesh Tour plays Cranbrook’s Key City Theatre Saturday, September 28, 2019.