Metal-core marauders to hit Cranbrook

Take The Earth Beneath Us will be blasting out their dynamic riffery Friday, Feb. 15 at Blast Beats Studio in Cranbrook.

Vancouver metal-core band Take The Earth Beneath Us will be in Cranbrook on Friday

Vancouver metal-core band Take The Earth Beneath Us will be in Cranbrook on Friday

Ferdy Belland

“The last two and a half years in the Vancouver music scene have been absolutely incredible to watch,” says guitarist Matt Charlton of the Vancouver-based metal-core quintet Take The Earth Beneath Us. “I’ve never seen the scene grow so fast and be so welcoming. Every show we play, we get to meet more new fans and make more new friends. It’s not only our shows, either… with so many like-minded metal/hardcore/whatever bands from the coast, everybody’s supporting each other. It honestly feels like a big family.”

Take The Earth Beneath Us are a metal-core quintet from Vancouver who’ll be blasting out their dynamic riffery this coming Friday, Feb. 15 at Blast Beats Studio in Cranbrook. Having hit the ground running since May, 2011, the band has been roaring around the B.C. community of teenage-based all-ages concerts like an earsplitting whirlwind, and their Cranbrook stop shows no sign of them slowing down anytime soon.

With the modern world of metal-core  described as a fusion-genre of the more extreme forms of heavy metal and hardcore punk (screaming-to-growling vocals, rapid-fire ultra-distorted guitar riffs, double-bass drumkit attack, lyrics focusing on personal anguish), Take The Earth Beneath Us brings more to the table than a love for bands like Killswitch Engage, Underoath, Trivium, Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine and Dillinger Escape Plan.

“Our influences are all over the place,”  Charlton said. “We’re all open-minded to music. Chris (Hatch, drummer) seems to be into real dark metal, the kind where they spin their hair around like a helicopter … and sometimes wear face-paint; real grim shit. Ty (Kingston, guitar) listens to metal and hardcore and some classic rock. Cody (Muraro, lead vocals and local Cranbrooker!) is all over the map … metal, indie, electronic, hardcore, punk, you name it. I have similar tastes to Cody, but generally lean towards anything that’s fast, aggressive, and noisy. Alex (Marusyk, bass) is heavily involved with the indie/folk community, and has another band named TreeBeard that I strongly recommend if you’re into that.”

Feb. 15th’s show marks the band’s first tour into the East Kootenay, and for lead vocalist Cody Muraro, it marks a homecoming as well. “Cody’s very excited to play there and show us around town,” Charlton said. “I believe we get to meet his grandparents, too!”

With the current over-development of the Lower Mainland’s urban centres threatening the musical youth culture, Charlton and his bandmates offer an eyes-front viewpoint of the situation, although tinged with optimism. “It’s been an ongoing battle to keep legitimate all-ages venues open in Vancouver,” Charlton said. “It’s even given Vancouver the nickname ‘No Fun City.’ Whether a venue’s bulldozed and replaced with condos, or the government forcing venue owners to jump through hoops with permits and bylaws to keep it open, it’s been an ongoing struggle for years.”


Take The Earth Beneath Us rip an eardrum-shattering hole in the space-time continuum Friday Feb. 15 at Blast Beats Music’s upstairs studio (#14 Specialty Lane Building, 13th Ave. @ Baker Lane, Cranbrook), with guests Weekend Glory and Under The White Dime. Showtime 8 p.m. For more information please call 778-517-3333.