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God, the comedian, takes aim at earth

Mike Delamont returns to Key City Theatre, with God is a Scottish Drag Queen III
Mike Delamont returns to Key City Theatre, with God is a Scottish Drag Queen III, Saturday, Nov. 20

God, dressed in a floral power suit, returns to the Key City Theatre for a fourth time Saturday November 20 to expound on everything from Adam & Eve to Fake News in an all new, and hilarious evening of comedy

You don’t need to have seen the original to enjoy this brand-new sequel 2,000 years in the making!

With more than 40,000 tickets sold in the last year, Mike Delamont is one of the fastest rising comedians in the country.

Beginning his stand-up career in 2011, Mike has been nominated for three Canadian Comedy Awards and has been featured on the Investors Group Comedy Tour, Halifax Comedy Festival, CBC’s The Debaters, SiriusXM’s Top Comic Competition and Just For Laughs.

Delamont admits the title of his one-man show, God is a Scottish Drag Queen, “sometimes scares off a few folks. At the same time, it intrigues a few folks.

“If people are upset about the show it is because they have read the title and think that it is a comedy that belittles faith. It has never been somebody who has actually seen the show. The people who take the risk and buy a ticket realize that in this show God is the comedian, not the punchline.”

The character was born out of a cabaret called Atomic Vaudeville in 2006. Delamont played “Jesus’ dad”. He was a secondary character to the sketches but the audiences liked it so Delamont found the character coming back month after month. Loving the idea of an angry God in a “nice gentle frock,” the character grew from there.

He wanted to create his own one-man show, and his favourite character —God.

“I thought it would be a fun show to do,” Delamont said. “I underestimated its popularity.”

He tried an English accent the first night, but it came off too mean, Delamont said, and after trying a Scottish accent it clicked.

When creating the first version of the show in 2011, Delamont thought people may need to know a few things before walking into the performance, hence the title.

“The character is God, has a Scottish accent and wears a ladies power suit. God Is A Scottish Drag Queen seemed to cover all of it. I thought one day I would come up with a better title, but I never did,” Delamont said.

The show explores the idea of a very human God character, a “deity who makes mistakes,” whether that is pettiness, anger, kindness, silliness and everything in between.

“I wanted to know what God might actually think about big things like evolution and Adam and Eve, but also trivial things like Star Wars and cats,” Delamont said.

While on the surface the material may seem like it is poking fun at faith, he has found quite the opposite effect on the audience.

“While we have had a few angry letters from folks who have never seen the show, we have also had audiences filled with nuns, preachers, pastors and members of the cloth from a rainbow of faiths. If you grew up in the church, going to Sunday school, or with any kind of religious background you will get even more out of it than the average person,” Delamont said.

Some people have a sense of humour and some people don’t Delamont noted, but if you can’t get past the title “it is probably not for you. And that’s okay,” he said.

Tickets on sale now at or call (250) 426-7006