Fresh Faces Set to Shine at the Stage Door

Cranbrook Community Theatre's 'Making God Laugh' opens Friday, Oct. 9.

Theatre goers are in for a treat when Making God Laugh, a comedy written by Sean Grennan, opens October 9.  There will be a whole lot of fresh faces at the Studio /Stage Door when their new season opens:  All but one of the major players in this madcap comedy are brand new to the Cranbrook Community Theatre.

The notable exception is veteran performer Melodie Hull, who plays the role of domineering matriarch Ruthie.  Hull, a familiar face to Cranbrook theatre lovers, is excited to see the rise of so many new performers to the theatre scene.  She has no doubt the fresh new talent will be well received. “They are all very talented.  Not a hard group to work with at all. It’s been a wonderful group to work with and I’m a huge supporter of fresh faces in the theatre.”

David Booth, who plays eldest son Richard enjoyed performing in plays during his high school years, but has not taken the opportunity to jump back into it until now.   The leap has been easier than he would have imagined.   “We fell into the family groove pretty quickly with Melodie and Michael being the parent types.”

Younger brother Thomas is played by Woody Maguire, who shares a similar path as David.  “I did theatre in high school, a little while ago.  It’s been really fun.”

Gina Martin, who plays Maddie may be a familiar face to those in this area, having done quite an extensive amount of plays with other organizations.  But Making God Laugh will mark her first performance with the CCT.  Martin is excited to be playing such a challenging and gritty role.  “It is definitely a real, raw type of play in many ways, and this is a type of mature character I haven’t played before. It’s the most multi challenging role I’ve ever played and I am looking forward to people seeing it.”

The Father role is being played by newcomer Michael Prestwich, who has dabbled a bit in the theatre, but never to this extent.  “I did a little bit in law school and back in high school.”  Prestwich did add (with tongue firmly in cheek), “I have three daughters in my life.  There was plenty of drama.”

Director Trevor Lundy is also new to the Cranbrook Community Theatre.  His excitement at bringing so many new people on board is evident in his enthusiasm for the project.  “What’s been so exciting is that it is so many new people all involved together and learning as we go, all of us together.  That’s what community theatre is all about, it’s making that community, making that family.  We have our family on stage, the characters in the play, but that is translated into the family that has been created off stage as well. “

Making God Laugh follows the lives of Bill and Ruthie and their 3 adult children through more than 30 years of holiday gatherings.  Sometimes uproariously funny and other times very moving, the play examines all of the facets involved in being part of a crazy, messed up, dysfunctionally normal family.

Tickets are available at Lotus Book Store and at the door.  Showtime 8 pm. October 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24 at the Studio/Stage Door, 11 -11 Avenue South, Cranbrook.