Easter eggs will be hidden throughout the heritage town during Fort Steele’s 30th annual Easter Egg Hunt. (Corey Bullock file)

Easter eggs will be hidden throughout the heritage town during Fort Steele’s 30th annual Easter Egg Hunt. (Corey Bullock file)

Fort Steele to host 30th annual Easter egg hunt this April

This year there will be more even more chances to win the coveted golden eggs.

Fort Steele Heritage Town is gearing up for another fun-filled spring, with their 30th Annual Easter Egg Hunt taking place on April 12.

Jessica Marusyk, General Manager at Fort Steele says employees are busy preparing for the many events they host during spring and summer months, along with their every-day attractions.

“Right now we are busy busy, busy, with bagging the candy for the egg hunt [and] putting together all the small details to ensure this event goes off without a hitch,” said Marusyk. “We are also hiring for this upcoming season, taking in resumes and getting geared up for a fun summer.”

The annual Easter Egg Hunt will feature more golden eggs than usual, tagging along with the theme of their 30th anniversary.

“We will be hiding 30 golden eggs this year, instead of 10 like previous years,” Marusyk explained, adding that there will be basket prizes for each person who finds a golden egg.

Easter is always a busy event at Fort Steele, with close to 1000 families hunting for eggs. Last year, the event saw 900 egg hunters, accompanied by 1200 non-hunters. This year they will be capping the number of egg hunters at 1000.

“We didn’t quite hit [that number] last year, but with guaranteed treats, we want to ensure that everyone leaves happy and that we don’t run out of anything,” Johnson said.

There are many other fun things happening during the Easter celebration at Fort Steele as well including the following:

– Find six coloured eggs, return them to a specific destination and receive a treat bag

– Brunch at the International Hotel (10:30am to 2pm, or until sold out)

– Bakery open from 10am to 4pm for grab and go items

– Decorate a cookie for $2 per cookie at the Wasa hotel

– Music at the gazebo from 10am to 2pm

– Decorated egg contest

– Bring a decorated bike for the Easter parade at 1pm

– Wagon rides, $5 a ride

– Plant a seed with Top Crop from 10am to 2pm

– Games at the gazebo from 10am to 2pm

As always, programming and activities at Fort Steele vary by season. Marusyk says there is always something to enjoy at Fort Steele, even before the spring season officially begins in May.

“The bakery is open, preparing cinnamon buns, bread and other treats daily. The visitor reception centre is full of awesome gifts, and also has a cafe that is open seven days a week for lunch,” she said. “Our site is open by donation this time of year and we absolutely love visitors even though not everything is open. The walk around the site when it’s quiet is very enjoyable.”

The livestock team also has their hands full with baby chicks, which Marusyk says are a must see, as well as their famous Clydesdales and the donkey named Jeffrey.

“One of our turkeys has become very welcoming, he really likes to roam the streets and follow people. So if you stop by for a visit, his name is Tom and he really enjoys bright colours and cuddles.”

For more information visit the Fort Steele website or check them out on Facebook.