Everything is ‘Spit Spot’ for Wild Drama’s ‘Mary Poppins’

Wild Drama's major spring production running at the Key City Theatre

The Poppins is back. Wild Drama’s major spring production — “Mary Poppins” — opened Thursday

The Poppins is back. Wild Drama’s major spring production — “Mary Poppins” — opened Thursday

Aleesha Koersen

To most, Mary Poppins provides a sense of nostalgia or an image of Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyck or, at the very least, a spoon full of sugar. In their upcoming production of Mary Poppins, Mount Baker Secondary School’s Wild Theatre brings their own magic to the classic story.

Music and theatre are huge parts of the high school’s culture, so it’s no surprise that they were able to find over 30 talented and dedicated young actors to put on a show.

“The other thing that might be interesting to point out is that many of our actors have never acted before,” said Mary Hamilton, director and drama teacher, over the phone Wednesday night. While most of the cast does not have a lot of acting experience, there’s no denying that they’ve pulled off something great. Lively dance numbers and heart-filled moments promise to keep the audience engaged.

Rehearsals started in January three times a week, at three hours each. It was only on Monday that the cast started to rehearse on stage. In a few days’ time, they have adapted to the stage and started to soak up the spotlight.

It takes much more than a great cast to successfully pull off a play, especially a musical. From choreography to music to costumes to set designs, you can tell that unmeasurable amount of effort has been put into making this performance great. Siona Jackson choreographed the musical, which is abundant in impressive dance sequences including aerial moves. A community band headed by music director Caitlin Matwey serves as the pit band, adding to the live music experience. Penny Medig designed the fun and colourful costumes seen throughout the play. With some help, MBSS vice principal, Dave Hill, designed the sets. His craftsmanship shines at its brightest in a kitchen scene where dishes and shelves seem to move on their own.

You can go see the all the fun for yourself from May 5-8 at the Key City Theatre. Shows start at 7:30 May 5-7 and at 2:30 on May 8. General admission is $18