Tyler Kocian

Tyler Kocian

Black Earth live at the Byng Roadhouse

Calgary's hard-rocking punk champions Black Earth are set to blast it out at the legendary Byng Roadhouse this Friday, June 13.

Ferdy Belland

“We’ve played all around southern B.C. many times and we hope we get to keep bringing our music to all those awesome mountain towns. The Kootenays may be our favourite place on the planet.”

So says lead guitarist Anthony Jannicki, and with such kind things to say about our home, Calgary’s hard-rocking punk champions Black Earth are set to blast it out at the legendary Byng Roadhouse this Friday, June 13.

“We’ve had a pretty rad year for shows,” said Jannicki, “but one that stands out was opening for The Tea Party in Calgary, closely followed by playing The Fangles CD release in Kelowna. We plan to go on another B.C. tour in October and then we hope to release our new album in November. We’ve been working on it all year. After that (if there’s time) then maybe a little world domination…but that all depends on how much cash is left in the band fund.”

Black Earth (which also includes lead vocalist Erika Leah, bassist Tyler Kocian, and drummer Steve Richter) have been shaking the walls of Calgary’s vibrant rock scene since 2009, releasing two albums (2011’s “Ammo” and 2012’s “Dreameater”), aggressively touring back and forth across Canada, and taking their rightful place alongside other established modern Cowtown rockers such as the Evidence, Torches to Triggers, Craic the Lens, and Won Over Nothing.

“We love touring!” Jannicky exclaims. “It’s a chance to go on an adventure with friends and do what we love, while getting to explore this amazing country. Black Earth is in full-on family mode now. We all know each other’s limits, and even though we have our fair share of tense moments… we never dwell or hold anything against each other. There’s a lot of love and respect in this band. We’re best friends, and we generally like hanging out with each other. I’ve known Tyler since first grade, Erika’s been my roommate for over three years, and we all adore our drummer Steve. So yeah, I believe Black Earth will be making loud noises for many years to come.”

Jannicki muses over the raison-d’etre of musicians in general and Black Earth in particular.

“Do it for the love of music! Money’s great to help fuel the fire, but in the end it all comes down to your passion. Being a band sucks 70 per cent of the time. It’s hauling gear, fighting, playing dead shows, and being poor. But it’s also 30 per cent of totally amazing! And that’s what you do it for. When you’re playing a packed show where everyone’s rocking out, or when you’re jamming a new song and it’s coming together beautifully: those are the moments that make it all worthwhile.”

Black Earth rock it out loud and proud (with guests, the Brotherhood of Lost Souls) at the legendary Byng Roadhouse in downtown Cranbrook this Friday, June 13; showtime 9:30 p.m.