What’s new at the Cranbrook Public Library

By Mike Selby

Registration for the Summer Reading Club begins this Saturday, June 24th at 11 am. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can register at any time during the summer. There is also an online registration which is available now: We are looking forward to another great summer for of storytimes, contests, crafts, and lots of fun. Please contact if you need more information.

The Library’s hours are:

10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Please note the Library will be closed Monday, May 22nd for Victoria Day.

Our new website is up and running:

LinkedIn Learning is now available at the Library. Choose from thousands of online courses. All you need is your library card:

Library Notes: The segregated Lake City Library called the police on 9-year-old Ron McNair for trying to check out two books in 1959. Instead of arresting McNair, the police convinced the library staff to let the young boy have the books. McNair grew up to be an astronaut (sadly killed on the Challenger), and the library that called the police on him now bears his name.

Adult Newly Acquired:

You’ve Got This – Michaela Dunbar (616.8522)

Wild Game Cooking (641.691)

Tandoori Home Cooking – Maunika Gowardhan (641.5954)

My Child Told Me They’re Trans…What Do I Do? (306.874)

Our Tribal Future – David R. Samson (302.35)

Fire Weather – John Vaillant (363.379)

Eat Alberta First – Karen Anderson (641.597123)

Crip Up the Kitchen – Jules Sherred (641.5631)

Almost Brown – Charlotte Gill (bio)

Pageboy – Elliot Page (bio)

Unbroken – Angela Sterritt (bio)

Watch Us Shine – Marisa de los Santos (fic)

Drowning – T.J. Newman (fic)

Clive Cussler Fire Strike – Mike Maden (fic)

The Half Moon – Mary Beth Keane (fic)

Little Ray of Sunshine – Kristan Higgins (fic)

The War Pianist – Mandy Robotham (fic)

Someday I’ll Find You – C.C. Humphreys (fic)

Tress of the Emerald Sea – Brandon Sanderson (fic)

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women – Lisa See (fic)

Near Miss – Stuart Woods (mys)

Fit to Die – Daniel Kalla (mys)

Cross Down – James Patterson (mys)

The Girl By The Bridge – Arnaldur Indrdason (mys)

Fire With Fire – Candice Fox (mys)

The Lie Maker – Linwood Barclay (mys)

All The Sinners Bleed – S.A. Cosby (mys)

Identity – Nora Roberts (mys)

Independence Square – Martin Cruz Smith (mys)

Young Adult & Children’s:

Nine Liars – Maureen Johnson (ya fic)

Funky Fungi – Alisha Gabriel (j 579.5)

Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark: The Graphic Novel (j fic)

The Cool Code – Deirdre Langeland (j fic)

Alice Austen Lived Here – Alex Gino (j fic)

River of Secrets – Erin Hunter (j fic)