What's new at the Cranbrook Library

What’s new at the Cranbrook Public Library

By Mike Selby

We are now fine free! Your library membership is freedom to explore, learn and connect. Late fines shouldn’t get in your way. And now they won’t!

The Library’s hours are:

10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Please note the Library will be closed on Monday, February 20th for Family Day.

Our new website is up and running: www.cranbrookpubliclibrary.ca

LinkedIn Learning is now available at the Library. Choose from thousands of online courses. All you need is your library card: https://www.linkedin.com/learning-login/go/cranbrookpubliclibrary

Library Notes: The word “library” slowly began to replace the word “bochard” in England sometime in the 14th century. It appears to be the plural of “liber” which is Latin for “book” (“bochard” being Old English for “book hoard.”) Outside of England, the Greek word “bibliotheca” was (and continues to be) the preferred choice.

Adult Newly Acquired:

The Avalanche Handbook – David McClung (5515.578)

Calgary’s Best Bike Rides – Lori Beattie (796.6097123)

Weather Permitting – Chris St. Clair (651.6571)

Embroidery – Lucinda Ganderton (746.44042)

Instant Pot Miracle Mediterranean Diet Cookbook – Uvrashi Pitre (641.591822)

Attention Span – Gloria Mark (153.733)

The Story of the Sechelt Nation – Lester Peterson (971.131)

What Would Gen-Z Do? – John Schlimm (305.2)

Workday Warrior – Ann Gomez (650.11)

How to Fix Stuff – Tom Scalisi (643.7)

Breath In, Breath Out – Stuart Sandeman (613.192)

The Song of the Cell – Siddhartha Mukherjee (571.6)

Make Your Own Workbench (684.08)

Feeling Seen – Jody Carrington (302)

Across the Water – Margaret Miller (bio)

The Hard Road Out – Jihyun Park (bio)

The Bullet Garden – Stephen Hunter (fic)

Exiles – Jane Harper (fic)

Hard to Break – Michael Ledwidge (fic)

River Sing Me Home – Eleanor Shearer (fic)

The House at the End of the World – Dean Koontz (fic)

Central Places – Delia Cai (fic)

Just the Nicest Couple – Mary Kubica (fic)

Independence — Chitra Banerjee Divakarun (fic)

The Three Lives of Alex St. Pierre – Natasha Lester (fic)

The Murder Book – Mark Billingham (mys)

Young Adult & Children’s Newly Acquired:

Borrowing – Heather C. Hudak (j 332.743)

Budgeting – Heather C. Hudak (j 332.024)

Earning – Heather C. Hudak (j 332.024)

Saving – Heather C. Hudak (j 332.024)

Desert Biomes – Lela Nargi (j 557.54)

Forest Biomes – Lela Nargi (j 557.3)

Grassland Biomes – Lela Nargi (j 557.4)

My Life With Asthma – Marci C. Shuh (j 616.238)

My Life With Anxiety – Marci C. Shuh (j 155.412)

My Life With Food Allergy – Marci C. Shuh (j 616.975)

My Life With Cerebral Palsy – Marci C. Shuh (j 616.92836)

Praying Mantis vs. Black Widow Spider – Kieran Downs (j 595.727)

Giant Otter vs. Caiman – Kieran Downs (j 599.769)