At the Cranbrook Public Library

What’s happening at the Cranbrook Public Library

Mike Selby

The Library is now open with extended hours (with some restrictions and reduced services.) We encourage patrons to limit their visits to 60 minutes. We also have a maximum number of patrons allowed in the building at one time, so you may be asked to wait.

Please wear a mask during your visit. Masks are mandatory now.

Library hours for November are:

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, Thursday, and Friday

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday

12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Library Takeout curbside pick-up is still available by appointment.

Provincial Interlibrary loans have been reinstated as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone again.

Storytimes are also posted regularly on our Facebook page:

Our website has all kinds of up-to-date COVID-19 information, as well as numerous links to ebooks and audio, streaming movies, educational opportunities, and more. Flip through your favourite magazine, learn a new skill, exercise at home and get homework help: at:

We are pleased to offer free Wi-Fi all around the outside of the building. Please use it from the safety of your vehicle, and remember to practice social distancing.

Please note we are working very closely with the City and Provincial Health officials to continue to expand our services when it is safe to do so.

Below are our new items for this week.

Adult Newly Acquired:

Ancient Civilizations of the North – Edwin Barnhart (970.01)

The Guide to Birding in North America – James Currie (598.097)

Archaeology – Eric H. Cline (930.1)

Introduction to the Qur’an – Martyn Oliver (297.122)

How to Draw – David Brody (741.2)

Understanding the New Testament – David Brakke (225)

Masters of Photography – William Albert Allard (771)

(the above titles are great courses kits; complete with numerous

DVDs and instructional booklets)

Redbone: the True Story of a Native Rock Band – Christian Staebler (j 782.4216)

Kindred – Rebecca Wragg Sykes (569.986)

Nose Dive – Harold McGee (612.86)

How Government Really Works – Jane Allt (352.6)

Smart Cities in Canada – Mariana Valverde (307.760285)

Balancing Bountiful – Mary Jayne Blackmore (289.334092)

A Story of Karma – Michael Schauch (915.49604)

Impossible Parenting – Olivia Scobie (649.1)

Gilly the Ghillie – David Giblin (799.109711)

Dearly: Poems – Margaret Atwood (811.54)

Black Hole Survival Guide —- Janna Levin (523.8875)

Outlander Knitting – Kate Atherley (746.43)

The Really Hungry Vegan Student Cookbook (641.56362)

Fight or Submit – Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson (bio)

Grandfathered – Ian Haysom (bio)

The Pull of the Stars – Emma Donoghue (fic)

The Transatlantic Book Club – Felicity Hayes-McCoy (fic)

The Archer – Paulo Coelho (fic)

The Transatlantic Book Club – Felicity Hayes-McCoy (fic)

Time to Hunt – Simon Gervais (fic)

The Spoon Stealer – Lesley Crewe (fic)

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas – Bruce W. Cameron (fic)

Miss Benson’s Beetle – Rachel Joyce (fic)

The Sentinel – Lee Child (mys)

The Law of Innocence – Michael Connelly (mys)

Truth Be Told – Kia Abdullah (mys)

Fortune and Glory – Janet Evanovich (mys)

Moonflower Murders – Anthony Horowitz (mys)

The Historians – Cecilia Ekback (mys)

On Deadly Tides – Elizabeth J. Duncan (mys)

The Choice – Alex Lake (mys)

Shadow Sands – Robert Bryndza (mys)

The Kingdom – Jo Nesbo (mys)

Young Adult & Children’s Newly Acquired:

The Enigma Game – Elizabeth Wein (ya fic)

Garfield’s Guide to Drawing the World’s Best-Looking Cat (and his friends) (j 741.51)

Flying Over Water – Shannon Hitchcock (j fic)