Summer of marksmanship

Bull River Shooters had a busy summer and came away with great results!

BRSA representation at Canadian Nationals in Prince George

BRSA representation at Canadian Nationals in Prince George

Bradley Woods

Since I last reported in June we’ve enjoyed club matches in July, August and September plus we had members represent our area and club at Canadian Nationals in Prince George as well as the Alberta Provincials both for Smallbore and Highpower!  We look forward to a couple more matches this season; October 24 and November 14, which is our fun wind-up shoot!  If you’re thinking about giving this game a try you should attend the October match.  Please don’t be shy and don’t let your ego get in the way.  We are genuinely pleased to make new friends and introduce you to our sport.  We all began somewhere and we all have days when we wonder why we can’t hit the target!  It’s a humbling game that has an uncanny way of making you want to come back and try again!  Following will be the results from our cold and rainy September matches, followed by a summary of the Nationals and the Alberta Provincials.

Saturday Sept 5

Small Bore Standard Rifle:

• Match Winner – Jim Zimmerman

• Master – Kalvin Marsh

• AAA – Jason Marsh

• AA – Jordan Marsh

Small Bore Hunter Rifle:

• Match Winner – Kalvin Marsh

• Master – Jim Zimmerman

• AAA – Kaitlynn Johnson

*There were more shooters in lower classes for both guns but not enough to “hold the class.” Under NRA rules they move up for the match.  Shooters still score in their respective classes, trying to advance in class and obtain personal bests, which is the most satisfying part of the sport.  This striving for personal improvement (as in all sport) helps us in many other aspects of our life!

Pictured: Kalvin Marsh with his haul of awards at The Canadian Nationals

On Sunday, 9 shooters gathered for a High Power match:

• 1st Kalvin Marsh

• 2nd Jeramey Marsh

• 3rd Rick Fraser (winning in a shootout with Bill Johnson)

Canadian Nationals

July 5 – 11, 2015

Prince George BC

Eight members of BRSA made the trip to Prince George to compete in the National Championship of our game.  They had a great time as always and the results for each were nothing short of excellent:

• Kalvin Marsh: Top Canadian smallbore standard rifle and highpower hunter rifle; Top Junior smallbore standard rifle and both highpower rifles.

• Jeramey Marsh: 3rd Master smallbore hunter rifle and 1st AA highpower standard rifle

• Rick Fraser: 1st AA highpower Hunter rifle and 2nd A highpower standard rifle

• Trudy Phillips: Top Lady smallbore hunter rifle

• Richard Carere: 2nd AA highpower standard rifle

• Deni Marsh: 3rd A smallbore hunter rifle

• Dave Sherret: 2nd A highpower hunter rifle

• Rocky Marsh: did not place but shot well, had fun and was a great chaperone?!?

Alberta Smallbore Provincials August 20 – 22

Seven of our members attended the smallbore provincials in Alberta and again represented us well:

• Kalvin Marsh: 1st Master standard rifle and 1st AAA hunter rifle

• Jeramey Marsh: 1st AAA standard rifle and 2nd Master hunter rifle

• Deni Marsh: 2nd A hunter rifle

• Justin Marsh: 1st B hunter rifle

• Jason Marsh: 2nd AAA standard rifle

Jordan Marsh and Bill Johnson also participated and although they didn’t medal they shot well and should be recognized for making the trip and supervising the others, never an easy task!

Kalvin Marsh also attended the Alberta Highpower provincials and took 1st in AAA hunter rifle and 1st in AA standard rifle.  He was also recently recognized as top junior shooter in Alberta!

For information about the BRSA please contact Rick Fraser at 250-464-5648.    New members are always welcome!  We look forward to seeing you at the range. Our next match is Oct 24 for small-bore.  Give us a try!