Staples for students

Cranbrook Staples is making this back-to-school experience a lot easier for young students in need

Kaity Brown

Townsman Staff

A study conducted by Canadian teachers and educators revealed that one in three young students won’t have the tools and supplies for a successful school year.

Staples stores across Canada have recognized the importance of kids being prepared to go back to class with the necessary supplies and are doing their part to help.

“It’s a national campaign that we run every year right during the back-to-school time. And it’s essentially just asking our customers if they would be interested in donating to help provide school supplies for some less fortunate kids to ensure that they get a good strong start to the school year,” said Connor Stewart, the Cranbrook Staples manager.

“They can get involved, certainly donating products – we do have a box up front for colleting products. And generally it is just cash donations while people are going through the till,” Stewart said.

The fundraiser has been going since July 27 and it will be running until Sept. 8.

“This is hugely important. When you get out there you realize how large the need is and how many students unfortunately don’t start the school year with the tools they need, so to be able to provide these things for those kids is amazing,” Stewart said.

“I wouldn’t pin-point it to our area and like I said it’s a national program and just from being in different areas and talking to different people actually we’re certainly not isolated whatsoever.”

This is the eighth year that Staples across Canada has been gathering supplies for young students in need; Cranbrook Staples has been participating right from the very beginning.

“There’s always more that could be done, but I would have to say a big shout out to our customers for supporting this initiative and for raising the funds for these supplies. Our customers have been very supporting of the program.”

As well, Staples Cranbrook will be hosting a bake sale this Saturday, Aug. 17, in the Staples store with the funds going towards Cranbrook schools.

The sale will run from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. – depending on how long supplies last.

“It is kind of dependant on how much we are able to raise. It will be to all the Cranbrook schools. If we can raise more than we have in the past, we’re going to try to expand to surrounding communities.”

To donate and get involved you can donate at the Staples by dropping off supplies or by donating money at the location.