Hugs & Slugs in Cranbrook

Hugs & Slugs in Cranbrook

Ringing in a new season of Hugs and Slugs

Hugs: To our local photographers! I have had a bird coming to my yard every day for some time now, not really knowing what it was. I saw the picture in our local Kootenay newspaper so thank you Stewart Wilson for the Kestrel picture. Hugs and also a shout out to Verna, Karen, Gary!

Hugs: To Ardene’s in the Tamarack Mall. From the moment you enter this store, you are given a warm welcome right away. These young ladies that work there are all sweet and so willing to help you, Oh and by the way, your clothing change rooms are spotless. Thank you Ardene’s.

Hugs: To all staff in Winners in Cranbrook! I was in the store last week and again yesterday. Wearing a mask like everyone else, the staff truly are the best. Everyone and I mean everyone in the store were going about their jobs and being so nice at the same time. Thank you Winners!

Slugs: To the City of Cranbrook for using glyphosate, a known carcinogen, at Elizabeth Lake. For all the measures you pretend to take to protect wildlife, why on earth are you spraying a wetland with such a dangerous chemical? I feel invasive plants are safer for animals and people than a cancer causing chemical. Please look into other methods.

Slugs: To the painting contractor that dumped 100 plus paint cans into our once Pristine Gold Creek Forest. SHAMEFUL! Why not use the Recycle Facility? Perhaps you should return to the scene and clean up the mess before the authorities show up at your door.

Hugs: To the people working in the heat and smoke on the road construction, Cranbrook to Kimberley, especially the woman who waves and smiles. But Slugs to the organizers who could have and should have let people know of an alternate route, or how long the waits would be at least.

Hugs: To the Kimberley Bulletin and Cranbrook Townsman people who keep getting a first rate paper out, in spite of the difficult circumstances.

Slugs: Shame on wildlife biologists and the provincial government for condoning another deer slaughter. They have both proven to be poor wildlife managers. The mountain caribou have been completely annihilated. According to World Wildlife Foundation Canada has a significant 46 percent decline in wildlife. This has been described as catastrophic failure to support and protect wildlife. It is time for more modern methods that promote biodiversity and co-existence for wildlife. Perhaps that money allocated for the slaughter of the deer could be better used protecting Cranbrook from the pandemic.

Slugs: The recent slug against cyclists not warning pedestrians on the trail failed to also include pedestrians using the entire trail for themselves, forcing cyclists to slow to a crawl while being ignored by said pedestrians.

Slugs: More slugs to the construction company working at the new housing development at 804 Innes Avenue that starts working and making loud noises before 7:30 a,m., in addition of all the dust that is flooding our gardens, decks and even the interior of our houses. We didn’t want this project, it has been imposed on us by the city!

Slugs: To everyone involved in cutting two healthy apple trees on public property near Hoffman road. People have harvested and used these apples every year. We will miss these apple trees. Shameful waste!

Hugs: Thank you to the Fernie Starbucks location for bringing out fresh coffee to the Emergency Responders, Traffic Control Personnel, and Highway Maintenance Personnel on the evening of Friday, September 18. These essential frontline workers were responding to a motor vehicle incident on Route 3 (Crowsnest Highway, Fernie) that closed the highway for several hours while paramedics and fire provided medical aid, RCMP investigation of the accident, traffic detour, and road reopening by Mainroad East Kootenay staff. The Fernie Starbucks staff would not accept reimbursement and only wanted to show their support of those working to keep the public safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During a time when hours are long and stress is high, coffee can make even the slightest difference for many.

Slugs: I wish to thank John Daylight-Non-Saving-Time-All-Year-Around Horgan for calling a snap election this fall. After all, it isn’t as if we had much better things to do like… trying to survive the Covid-19. Shame on you.

Slugs: To the two employees of a certain company who were shopping at Acklands Grainger on Tuesday, September 22. Acklands allows only two customers in the store at once and you two managed to tie up both cashiers for over 40 minutes while we waited (and who knows how much longer you were there before that). Since corporate accounts are offered to companies perhaps you could order in advance. Not everyone is a union worker with tons of time to waste!