Mt. Baker Class of ‘55 re-unites

The Homecoming/Class Reunion of Mt. Baker High School was celebrated at the Heritage Inn in Cranbrook.

Mount Baker Class of 1955 reunion.

Mount Baker Class of 1955 reunion.

Courtesy Irene Kaun

The Homecoming/Class Reunion of Mt. Baker High School was celebrated with a Meet & Greet, Tuesday, Sept. 15, Dinner, Wednesday  and Brunch Thursday at the Heritage Inn in Cranbrook.

Welcome and Toast to Past & Present Classmates  was given by Ray Molnar.

Included among the out-of-towners were Luigi and Joanne Marchi from Washington, and others from places in B.C. and Alberta.

Grace was rendered by Jack Willicome.

There was a display table of photos & memorarbilia, assembled by Irene (nee Paulson) Kaun, Jean (nee Martin) Brehm and Jessie (nee Atwood) Swanson, “Viewpoints,” were brought and added by Chloe (nee Kershaw) Perron.

Many of the drawings were by Jack. Reflections on class history, special memories and chuckles were given by a number of people, including Don Larsen, Reg Peters, Maxine (nee Chlopan) and Edith (nee Chlopan.)

Appreciation was expressed by many, including Terry Roberts, Archie MacKinnon, Larry Belway, and  Bob DeCecco.  Sharing memories included Noriko Nakahara and Irene.

A photo of the graduating class was presented by Don and won by Janet (nee Anderson) Johansen.

Irene  with others sang “The other side of 50,” accompanied by Carl Kahl on the guitar.

Peter Dooling presented members with a hand-carved long shoe horn.

Jessie verbalized a tribute to her late husband Bill.

Handouts were given “for all those born before 1945,” by Doug Stevely.

Included in the planning committee with Don, Ray, and Doug was Sven Ostlund and Whitney Atchison.

Taking Registration included Gwen (nee Sherrett) Wills.

Pat (nee Brown) MacDonald thanked Don and Marylou Laing for organizing the fall golf tournaments  in Riondell.

Thank you extended to Ray for co-ordinating event!

A highlight was when Larsen announced that the banner, (from the Class of ’54 was presented to the Class of ’56). Mrs. Gripich accepted the banner on behalf of that class.

It was an enjoyable time, renewing friendships, sharing memories and what is happening in our lives at the present time.  We are hoping to have our annual get together in May of 2016.