VIDEO: MBSS Wild Music does ‘End of an Era’

Cranbrook’s Mount Baker Secondary School program produces music video for CBC Music Class Challenge, and nationwide competition - recording the Strombellas’ End of and Era

Mount Baker Secondary School’s Music Department is seeking new heights, entering a music video into a nationwide competition hosted by CBC Music.

The choir, vocal jazz ensemble and jazz band gathered in the MBSS music room for a few takes of the song “End Of An Era,” by Toronto band the Stombellas.

The ensemble ran through several takes of the song, featuring several solo vocalists, backed up by the choir, a hard rocking rhythm section, percussion and the horn section from the jazz band. The performance was shot from several angles by students in the MBSS Drama Film and Television program.

The video had to be sent off by midnight Friday, Nov. 24, and by Dec. 16 the panel of judges will announce the winners in several categories on the CBC program The Q.

And the prize? National bragging rights, $5,000 worth of gear for the school, and an opportunity to travel to Toronto to perform the piece in person.