It happened this week in Cranbrook

June 16 - 22: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

June 16 – 22: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


Roosville bench lands … Roosville Falls, one of the most interesting and scenic spots in the whole Tobacco Valley, is now the mecca for many picnic and sightseeing parties from Eureka.

Someday soon the utility as well as beauty of this gift of nature will be specially recognized, and the Roosville end of Tobacco valley will grow in value through settlement and intensive cultivation of the soil at an amazing rate.

Some of the richest soil in Tobacco Valley is found on the Roosville bench lands, and there an abundance of pure water, making it doubly attractive to the home seeker. Fishing in Tobacco Valley streams is reported to be excellent; some nice catches of char and trout having been reported within the past few days.

Calgary real estate men bought 2,700 acres near Roosville last week and will subdivide in to 10 acre tracts. J. Austin sold his 40 acre tract joining Roosville to a Fernie real estate man on June 14th.

Knocked out in third … Jim Bates promised the public that the Carver—Nutt contest would be an illustration of good, clean, manly sport. It is most satisfactory to be able to say that the promise was fulfilled to the letter.

The contest was set for fifteen rounds but had reached but the second minute of the third round when the K. O. went over from Carver and Nutt was in the land of the drowsy punch where many a good man preceded him by the same route.

Carver appeared to have the better of the weight by from four to seven pounds, a serious handicap where men rank as light weights.

In condition he was entirely Nutt’s superior, in his middle section especially which looked like a spring mattress of muscle.

Carver is a veteran of something like a hundred and sixty battles during his time in the English navy and fights with the light weight battle in his eye.

Nutt is a beautiful boxer and on points would probably beat Carver, but when it came to hard milling and terrible clips to the ribs and stomach he was not able to stand it.

During the first round there was very little to choose between the better boxing of Nutt and the heavier hitting of Carver.

In the second Carver had the best of the exchanges for the first minute and a half after which Nutt evened up matters with a couple of elegant clips to the jaw.

Watching Nutt in his corner it looked doubtful if he could last anything like fifteen rounds.

Honors wore about even for the first minute of the third ses­sion when Carver jabbed his left to the ribs sending Nutt to the ropes near Carver’s corner. The clip was not a hard one to look at but Nutt lowered his left leaving himself wide open. Carver saw his chance and the right came whizzing over, land­ing fair on Nutt’s jaw. Down he went on his face. At the count of nine, like the dead game lad he is, he fought terribly to stagger to his feet. It was not to be. After a few moments he held out his hand to his fellow countryman, admitting he had met his superior.

The contest was, according to the public verdict, “all right.” A trifle too short, perhaps, but still that is all part of the game.

Cranbrook can do with more contests of the same kind and run on the same lines provided the name of Jim Bates is as­sociated with them as a guarantee of the square deal.

Contracts awarded … This week contracts were awarded for the erection of the two new public school buildings in this city.

Messrs. Waller and Liddicoatt secured the contract for the two-roomed school to be erected in the south end of the city, and Geo. R. Leask was awarded the contract for the manual training school to be erected on the block of land occupied by the present public school building.

Work on both buildings will be started as early as possible and pushed through to completion.

Messrs. Baker and Banfield have been awarded the contract for the erection of Jim Bates’ hotel at Bull River. Work on this building will also be started at once and rushed through as speedily as possible.

Another building that will be underway shortly is new moving picture house on Norbury Avenue, adjoining the Auditorium. It will be a frame structure, thoroughly up-to-date in all its appointments.

Messrs. Johnson brothers are having this new house of entertainment erected.

Slaterville activities … The residents of Slaterville met on Tuesday evening to discuss several matters for the good and welfare of their growing community.

Among other matters up for discussion was the water supply. It was decided to immediately pay up the balance due the city for installation.

Steps were taken to arrange for fire protection, by the installation of hydrants and the purchase of hose. Application will at once be made to the provincial government for ad­ditional road work and the laying down of new sidewalks, where re­quired.

Slaterville is growing apace and the residents are thoroughly alive to the requirements of their town, ac­tive committees giving much time and attention to everything that makes for the settlement’s pros­perity and progress.

Seven new private residences are under way just at present, and the new brewery is beginning to assume substantial proportions.

Mr. Fred Spence has been appointed secretary of the citizens Committee, to whom correspondence should be addressed. Slatervillians are proudly watching the progress of their community and do not hesitate to suggest that the day is not far distant when Cranbrook will be proud to be taken within her limits. In any event this will work out one way or the other.

Either Cranbrook will ab­sorb Slaterville or vice versa and in the meantime Cranbrook has nothing but good wishes for the continued success of Slaterville.

Two lectures … Under the auspices of the Women’s Institute Mrs. I. K. Davies, of Van­couver, graduate of Warwick Agri­culture College for Ladies, will give two lectures on Wednesday, June 26th, in the afternoon at 2.30 on the lawn of Mrs. Murgatroyd’s re­sidence, Armstrong Avenue. Sub­ject: “Floriculture for Profit and Pleasure.” Ice cream and cake will be served after the lecture. In the evening at 8 o’clock Mrs. Davies will lecture in the Carmen’s hall. Sub­ject: “Poultry for Profit.”

Every­one interested in either or both of the above lectures is heartily in­vited to attend.

Gun club … The Cranbrook Gun Club is rapidly getting into first-class shape for a good season’s sport.

A shoot was held on Wednesday afternoon at which the traps were well tested and found to be in good working order.

Scores were as follows : 1st Event: R. Campbell, 14; Paterson, 18; Miller, 9. 2nd Event: McLaws, 15 ; Grace 8; Laidlaw, 12; Paterson, 17. 3rd Event: McLaws, 13; Laidlaw, 11 ; Paterson, 15.

A championship shoot will be held about August 1st, when trophies donated by the Dupont Powder Company and J. D. McBride will be shot for.

Post office residents … A family has already moved into the new post office building. Way up in the tower room, the highest in the building, a bird family have built their nest and several little tiny eggs are being carefully watched by Mother Bird.

Land purchase … Dr. R. B. Ralph, buyer for the International Securities Co., of Winnipeg, exclusive sales agent for the Grand Trunk Pacific, has purchased 1,000 acres of choice land from D. Burton of Cranbrook. The land in question lies four miles south of this city. Evidently the G.T.P. has something up their sleeve that will be of interest to Cranbrook.

Showing at the Edison … A most interesting programme will be shown at the Edison Theatre tonight. The Post Telegrapher is pronounced as the very best of Bison pictures. Two electric fans keep the Edison cool and comfortable.

Strange dust storm … Cranbrook was visited with a peculiar dust storm on Friday. The dust had the appearance of volcanic origin. Wash clothes on lines were covered with a yellowish substance, clearly showing indications of sulphur, which seemed to destroy or burn the fabric touched by the dust. Visitors from Vancouver say that city was visited with a similar storm last Monday.

A menace to health … The creek which runs across the flats near the school house is at the present time in a shocking condition, the channel proper is so full of refuse of all description, causing the water to run in other channels, that diseases of every kind can easily find a good bed to mature in.

The stench arising from such putrid gathering of waste rubbish is simply awful these hot days; our representative’s attention was particularly drawn to a swarm of flies crawling over the decaying carcass of a big dog.

It is pretty nearly time our health inspector got busy and looked into some of these disease-breeding places and have something done to remove the same.

There is another open place where this same creek enters the city along Edward Street which would be better for a spring cleaning.

The children take a delight in finding the dirtiest places to play in, and it is as much for their sakes and on their behalf as for the general cleanliness of the city we want to draw the Health Inspector’s attention to these disease breeding haunts.


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