It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1912

June 30–July 6: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

Serious accident … Alex Henderson, a lumberman who has been in the district for some eight years, met with a serious acci­dent on Tuesday morning. He went into the mill at Ryan clothed in a raincoat, which caught in the machinery and before the engine could be stopped, his right arm was torn from his shoulder, several ribs broken, with internal injuries. He is in a very serious condition at the St. Eugene hospital under the care of Dr. J. M. Bell.

World championship fight … Telegraph Companies Unable to Provide Report of World’s Championship Contest. The Herald had hoped to be able to give its readers a full account of the fight at Las Vegas, N. M., today. For some reason or other, neither the C. P. R. nor the Western Union telegraph companies were able to secure a report, doubtless because of inadequate telegraphic connections with this point. The Herald made early application for a report by rounds and had intended publishing the same in this evening’s issue. However, no reports could be secured.

Moyie Dominion Day … Moyle sustained her reputation on Dominion day and gave a celebration that was well in keeping with those given in the “Mineral City” in former and more prosperous years. The lake proved a big attraction, and the many visitors were quick to take advantage of the free motorboat excursion which was afforded to all. The committees in charge raised nearly $500 to be distributed in prizes, another indication that the town is a long way from being down and out. The children were well looked after, and those who failed to win prizes were treated to a little silver shower which gladdened their hearts. A race was arranged with five Hindus as the contestants. The dusky stalwarts from the Punjab hit the high spots only. When the winners got their money they readjusted their turbans, picked up their umbrellas and trekked off with their friends to a nearby hotel and proceeded to hold a little side celebration of their own. A dance in the evening brought the day’s events to a successful termination.

Perry Creek Dominion Day … The Carmen’s union picnic at Perry Creek brought together a large crowd of citizens, who thoroughly enjoyed their outing on the creek, a delightful picnic location, particularly when the catering is in such excellent hands as those of Mrs. Burge and her boys. Upwards of two hundred people gathered at Perry Creek for the Dominion Day celebration, under the auspices of the Carmen’s union. Sports of all kinds were indulged in and excellent meals were supplied at the Perry Creek hotel, by Mrs. Burge. For the occasion a dancing pavilion had been erected, where the light fantastic was indulged in by the young people present until the rain put a stop to this form of amusement. Fat men’s race, 70 yards: First, John Brown, embossed pocket knife; second, John Beaton, suspenders; third, Dan Burton, wrist bands. Married ladies consolation race, 40 yards: First, Mrs. Jacobson, $2 worth of groceries; second, Mrs. Reekie, art plate; third, Mrs. Burge, picture. Altogether a very enjoyable day was spent at Perry Creek.

Kimberley Dominion Day … A large number of citizens betook themselves to Kimberley for the Dominion Day holiday. There they all enjoyed themselves to the top of their bent. Baseball and football matches, in addition to athletic sports of every description, made up a programme full of fun and go for the delight of all present. A dance in the evening was so numerously attended that dancing was, for a time somewhat difficult, but this did not in any way mar any person’s enjoyment. Among the visitors from the city were Thos. Caven, M.L.A. and Mayor A. C. Bowness. The baseball match, Sullivan mine vs. Taylor Lumber company, resulted in a victory for the steel pounders after well fought battle.

Nelson Dominion Day … A goodly number of Cranbrook citizens wont down to Nelson for the Dominion Day celebration, where they enjoyed a very good day’s sport. One of the star features of the programme was the lacrosse match, Cranbrook vs. Nelson, of which the Nelson News gives the following report. A good exhibition of lacrosse was the game between Nelson and Cran­brook in which the visiting team won out by a score of 9 – 7. The play was slow because of the wet ground but on the whole good order and little roughness was ob­served. Nelson seemed to get the best of it at first but Cranbrook re­taliated and by the end of the first half the score stood 7 – 3 in their favor. Nelson spruced up in the second half and it can safely be said to have been theirs for they found the net four times in that period to Cranbrook’s two, making the score at the finish 9 – 7 in favor of the visi­tors.

Cranbrook’s Fall Fair … A meeting of the Fall Fair execu­tive was held Tuesday evening, at which the principal matter under discussion was a letter from the Fin­ance Minister, Hon. Price Ellison, in which that gentleman, whilst pointing out that Cranbrook had al­ready received generous treatment at the hands of the government, pro­mised a further appropriation of $3,000. Mr. Price Ellison has evid­ently taken to heart the claims of Cranbrook district in the matter of needed financial assistance to place the annual Fall Fair upon a sound basis. With this additional $3,000 the executive will be in a position to go ahead with certain necessary improvements to grounds and buildings and to meet, in part, some of their financial obligations. With the united effort of every resident in the district there is every promise of an exceptionally good fair this fall. Get in and do your part.

Ladies take note … An English chemist has discovered how to grow hair. In England the ladies have entirely abandoned wearing rats, which is due entirely to the new discovery. It has been proven that Henna leaves contain the ingredients that will positively grow hair. That they contain this long-looked for article is proven every day. The Americans are now placing on the market a preparation containing the extract from Henna leaves, which is having a phenomenal sale. This preparation is called SALVIA and is being sold with a guarantee to cure Dandruff and to grow hair in abundance. Being daintily perfumed, SALVIA makes a most pleasant hair dressing. The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., your druggist, is the first to import this preparation into Cranbrook and a large, generous bottle can be purchased for 50c.

Elko news … Mr. J. O. E. Nelson, freight agent for the Northern Pacific Railway at Bozeman, Montana, was in the valley the past week, and while here made extensive research into the fruit and dairying possibilities. Mr. Nelson was decidedly impressed, declaring that Tobacco Valley’s unexcelled climate, soil and mineral resources will compel a wave of immigration in the very near future.

Wardner news … Rev. Mr. Stephen conducted an­niversary services at the Wardner Presbyterian church last Sunday, un­der very happy auspices. A debt of some $300 had been completely wiped out, thanks to the generosity of two members of the congregation, who had each subscribed $75 for that purpose, and to the activities of a ladies’ committee, who had inaugurated a ‘Tag day’ and had collected some $160. The anniversary ser­vices were well attended, both morn­ing and evening, and mutual con­gratulations were very much in or­der.

Looking for a fight … Jack Nutt, of Cranbrook, wishes to meet at Nelson some lightweight boxer in that district. He has an open mind as to terms and promises that if a bout is arranged he will “give the sports a good run for their money.” Since 1910 Nutt in eighteen bouts has secured ten knockouts against Jimmy Milne, Johnny Bean and Slater Wells at Prince Albert; Kid Beaulier at Brandon; Jack Piene at Dryden; Young Edson at Saskatoon; George O’Mallay at Winnipeg; Kid Stanley and Billy Decoursey at Regina and Kid Morris, at Rosthern.

Catholic church … The Ladies Aid of St. Mary’s church is making preparations for holding a lawn social on the evening of Tuesday, July 16th. The social will be held on the church lawn on Norbury Avenue. There will also be a drawing for a Morris chair, on that date, with tickets at 15c. each or two for 25c.

Prize winner … Sidney Elmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Elmer, journeyed to Moyie on Dominion Day and showed the natives of that burg a thing or two in athletics. Sid swept everything before him in the Caledonian sports. He was first in the hundred yard race, first in the standing broad jump, first in the high jump, and first in the hop step and jump. Sid used to live in Moyie, and even in those days was the champion marble player in the school. Now he is after bigger game, and from his latest ef­forts it will be seen that he is mak­ing good.

Bull River news … Work is well under way on Jim Bates’ new hotel at Bull River. Excavations for the basement are completed and today the material for the structure was shipped out from town.

Swimming tank … It is practically assured now that an early start will be made on the Men’s club gymnasium and swimming tank. The present gymnasium will be moved across the road and considerably enlarged; the swimming tank will be constructed below the gymnasium.

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