It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1911

February 10-16: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

Week of February 10-16: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


Agents stay out … Cranbrook is to be commended for its endeavors to shut out the traveling real estate agents, who infest the country, and too often misrepresent the property they are selling. The local agent gets the worst of the deal from these outside peddlers, who have no rents to pay and no reputation to maintain. The imposing of a $100 tax on these men seems reasonable.

News from Moyie … All the hotel owners in Moyie are busy these days enlarging and rearranging their places to comply with the wishes of the provincial license inspector. The main office of the Hotel Kootenay is being enlarged. At the Moyie the bar is shifted to the back and the front will be fitted up for an office and sitting room. A larger sitting room will be made at the Central and the dining room moved over to the room formerly occupied by the Imperial Bank. The International will commence building a new addition next week, and the owners of the Cosmopolitan hotel have already commenced the erection of their new structure.

Lumber company history … Among the many lumbering concerns which have made their mark in the progressive industrial history of the interior of British Columbia, The East Kootenay Lumber Company, Limited, stands out prominently as the oldest of the pioneer firms on the “Crow,” and a brief outline of the history, may perhaps, possess a more than passing interest to the readers of the Western Lumberman, to many of whom, no doubt, the, personnel of its directorate and management are known.

Starting, operations in 1897, with a small mill at Cranbrook, B.C., under the name and style of The Cranbrook Lumber Company, Limited, with the late, Mr. Archibald Leitch, a lumberman of wide and varied experience, as manager, the mill capacity and working force at their command, were soon taxed to the utmost to meet the ever increasing demand for the manufactured product of the practically virgin forest, of which they held a large and well-timbered area in close proximity to their saw mill.

In 1899 a severe blow was sustained by the loss of the mill and entire plant at Cranbrook by fire. Nothing daunted, however, and with his characteristic energy, Mr. Leitch, hardly waiting for the embers of the fire to cool, at once made arrangements for the erection of a new mill, and within a few weeks sawing was resumed with a larger and better equipped plant than before.

To such purpose and such energy did the management exert themselves, that, in the course of a few years several temporary mills had been erected, large and valuable tracts of timber acquired, and the operations of the company increased to such an extent as to necessitate re-organization on a larger scale.

In 1902 this was effected by the formation of the present company, with Mr. Leitch again at the helm. Sawmills, with their attendant holdings, were purchased at Movie and Jaffray, and in 1904 an additional sawmill was erected at Ryan, thirty-five miles west of Cranbrook.

In 1907 fire again destroyed the plant at Cranbrook, the offices and staff being transferred to Jaffray, at which point the headquarters of the company have since remained.

Hockey news … Cranbrook’s senior hockey aggregation did themselves proud at Nelson last Monday evening, holding the West Kootenay champions down in fine shape, and whilst they failed to score as many goals as the Nelson boys, they gave the Queen City players the hardest run for their money they have so far experienced this season.

Sewage bylaw … A bylaw enacted to raise the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) by debentures for the purpose of installing and constructing a sewage system in, and in the vicinity of, the City of Cranbrook.

The modern head dress … Causes Baldness — We cannot change the head dress, but we can prevent baldness. Up to the time we began to civilize him a bald-headed Indian was a thing unknown. Wearing nothing on his head except the covering furnished by nature and being a stranger to the use of a hair brush, especially the public one, the scalp and hair had plenty of ventilation, much sunlight and, hence, a condition favorable to a luxuriant growth of hair existed at all times. It was the adoption of air and light-excluding head gears and artificial head decorations generally, together with the occasional use of a community head brush, which gave the dandruff germ its opportunity. Since this parasite has multiplied to an alarming degree until now there is hardly a person who is not troubled, more or less, with dandruff and falling hair. Many, to be sure, have passed the worrying stage. Having become chronically bald they realize that nothing is capable of producing natural hair for them. Let these be a warning to all who are experiencing the significant annoyance of dandruff and falling hair. Dandruff, which is due to a germ, and falling hair can both be overcome by the regular use of Newbro’s Herpicide. This wonderful scalp remedy kills the vicious germ which causes dandruff, cleanses the scalp and stops the hair from coming out. The destruction of the germ permits the hair to grow naturally and luxuriantly as nature intends. Herpicide makes the hair bright, snappy, light and fluffy. One dollar size bottles guaranteed. For sale at all drug stores. Applications obtained at the better barber shops and hair dressing parlors. Send 10c. in stamps or silver for sample and booklet to The Herpicide Co., Dept. R., Detroit, Mich.

Home again … Mrs. W. Dempster returned to her home from the Home hospital this week, after having successfully undergone treatment for bilious grippe.

Dance club … The Dancing Club have decided to postpone the last dance on their programme from Wednesday, the 22nd, until Tuesday, the 28th February. As this will be the last dance of the season the committee are arranging that supper shall be served and dancing prolonged until a later hour than is usual at their bi-weekly dances.

For isolation hospital … Dr. Green returns from a satisfactory interview with government at Victoria. Dr. F. W. Green is back from his visit to Victoria, whither he went for the purpose of interesting the provincial government in the establishment of an isolation hospital at Cranbrook. Dr. Green says that he was very cordially received and his mission warmly endorsed by the members of the government with whom he discussed the details Dr. Green was not prepared to say much for publication just at present, feeling it to be his duty to submit the government proposals in the first place to the city council, which he will do at an early date, probably at the special meeting to be held on Monday evening next,. The government, in effect, ask that the city prepare plans and estimates of cost, upon submission of which they will be prepared to go carefully into the matter, and, in Dr. Green’s opinion, make generous provision for the immediate erection and furnishings of a first-class establishment.

Latest fashion … Hill and Co. are making a specialty of Ladies Net Waists for evening wear in white, cream and the very latest Persian effects. Ask to be shown these lines in particular.

At the rink … The masquerade carnival at the Arena rink on Monday evening brought together a large number of masques, many of which were exceedingly handsome. There was a large attendance of spectators and to the strains of the city band, skating was indulged in by the many present until a late hour. The prize winners were Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McDermot, for the best costumed lady and gentleman; N. Armstrong carried off the comic prize again, this time being cleverly disguised as a bear. Little Hazel Taylor carried off the girl’s prize, whilst Cliff McNab won the boy’s prize.

Opera House starts … “Standing Room Only,” was the pleasing experience of Messrs. Guerard and DeRiemer at the re-opening of the Opera house on Monday evening.

These gentlemen are thoroughly on to their business as public entertainers. They had cleaned the building up in good shape, laid down carpet in the aisles, and matting on the stairway leading to the gallery to lessen the noise made by people passing in and out, the building was well heated, in fact the comfort of patrons had been looked after in every particular.

Moreover, they provided an exceptionally fine entertainment, every detail being well looked after. The pictures were excellent; the music away above the average, and Mr. DeRiemer scored quite a hit as soloist.

On Tuesday evening the Valentine dance proved quite an attraction and again last evening, the Opera house was filled to the doors.

Messrs. Guerard and DeRiemer believe that in providing first-class entertainments at low prices they will build up a patronage that will amply repay them. They certainly have made a good start.

News from Bull River … Roy Andrews was sent to Wardner last Sunday with a message to be sent by telegraph, and Roy was elated with the fact that he was provided with a good excuse for going.

Sledding … Coasting evenings are all the rage this fine weather, and the coasters have come along very well, with the exception of a few black eyes and jammed shoulders.

Bull River dam … The management of the company purchased the pipe and hydraulic outfit from the Wild Horse Placer Mining company to be in readiness for placer work on the river bed as soon as conditions will permit. They also purchased the electric light plant, and intend to install it, and have it in operation, at an early date. Harry Henderson, the foreman, is making fine progress with the dam. In a few days, there will be completed, one of the best dams to be found anywhere in the west. It was not built by guess work, for the plans are patented, and was constructed by specifications, known as the gravity dam.

Marysville news … Marysville is a lively burg just now. One has to keep a sharp lookout on the main street, as no less than ten teams are hauling lumber from Matthew Creek to the depot, in addition to the regular traffic. It will soon need a policeman for point duty if this increase of traffic continues.

Fernie news … The hand of the Reaper has visited a large number of homes in Fernie during the past month. Some days the latter part of last week as many as three funeral processions were seen wending their way to the cemetery.

Hurried trip … Dr. Lees, of Cranbrook, came out on a hurry call to Wasa last week. A.L. Miller’s two-year-old child was taken suddenly ill and had to be brought into the hospital. Only a few minutes before the doctor drove up to the hotel, one of the men at Skookumchuck camp was brought down, having sustained bad injury to his foot. He was examined by Dr. Lees and taken to Cranbrook hospital.

Wasa news … The people of Wasa are cheerful over prospects for coming summer. People have got their eyes opened to the many natural resources in this section, and it is a certainty that with the approach of the K.C.R. capital will find its way here. We are strong believers in the future of this valley and gladly welcome new settlers and new enterprises. John Sullivan, of Moyie, who owns mining property near Tracy, was up there the other day obtaining results of work now going on there. He came down from the mine last Wednesday, bringing with him several fine specimens of ore from the recently discovered ledge.


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