It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

Week of November 25 – Dec 1

Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


Land slide for McBride … The Electorate Of British Columbia Endorse His Railroad Policy And Administration. Latest Report Gives — Conservatives, 38; Liberals, 2; Socialists, 2

Tom Gaven’s victory … First Conservative from Cranbrook Has a Majority of 253. Baker Street was thronged with Cranbrook residents all shouting for Caven and the McBride government. Mr. Caven was compelled to make several speeches. A carriage was secured and hundreds of citizens drew the carriage up and down Baker Street. The Cranbrook city band and an army of cheering citizens following.

Mr. Caven said “I thank you all for the kind support given me, from the bottom of my heart, and I trust I shall be able to reciprocate for this magnificent support and the majority of 253, by using every effort to secure the best legislation possible, not; only for Cranbrook but the whole province and all classes in the riding and throughout the province would hear of his untiring efforts.”

The celebration of the great victory reminded those who participated at the one that took place in the city when the news was received of A. S. Goodeve’s great victory in November, 1908.

Liberal candidate … Mr. MacDonald’s statement To the Editor of the Herald: Dear Sir — Kindly allow me through your paper to express my sincerest thanks to my friends and supporters throughout the Cranbrook district, in the recent contest. I realize and appreciate that the men who supported me did so voluntarily and in a whole-hearted way, believing, as I believed and still believe, that it was in the public interest to do everything possible to overthrow the McBride government at the present time.

To all who supported me I take this opportunity of extending my warmest thanks and trust they are not unduly discouraged at the result.

Personally I am not at all discouraged and any regrets I have are altogether for those who worked hard on our behalf, expending time and labor involving considerable expense in an effort to defeat the government under conditions which gave the party in power a tremendous advantage. There were conditions existing in this riding and I believe generally throughout the province and methods pursued which account for the general result and steps must be taken to bring about a change.

I am pleased to be able to say that I went through the contest with Mr. Caven without arousing any personal feeling on either side.

Yours truly, M. A. Macdonald.

Clever piece of work … H. J. Cooper, a blacksmith up at the St. Eugene, has made a miner’s candlestick out of pure silver. The candlestick is for John Cannon, the foreman. It is a clever piece of work and is much admired by all who have seen it. The finishing and polishing was donc by W. H. Wilson, jeweler of Cranbrook. — Moyie Leader.

For sale … Dominion organ in good repair; terms; cheap for cash. Apply Joseph Walkley at P. Woods & Co., meat market.

The Wentworth Hotel … under the management of “Scotty” Buchanan, he has made some great improvements in the Wentworth hotel during the past month, that have cost a good many hundred dollars. A bathroom on the second floor has been installed and toilets on the first floor, placing the hotel in the front rank so far as modern conveniences are concerned. The Wentworth, since it was purchased by Mr. Matheson, has been improved until today it ranks with the best hotels in the interior.

Be prepared … Croup is most prevalent during the dry, cold weather of the early winter months. Parents of young children should be prepared for it. All that is needed is a bottle of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. Many mothers are never without it in their homes and it has never disappointed them. Sold by all druggists and dealers.

Coming attraction … Hortense Nielsen’s engagement at the Auditorium on November 26th and 27th will be the dramatic event of the season. To lovers of the drama, Hortense Nielsen’s engagement here will be of more than usual interest. She will appear in Herman Sudermann’s masterpiece “Magda,” which has caused more widespread discussion than any other play of recent years. “Magda” is the most human and appealing; the story of the father’s right to command his daughter to live the life he sees fit and to give up her career and marry the man of his choice, arouses an interest which increases until the tremendous climax. The original production is carried complete.

New directory … The Kootenay Telephone Lines Limited is preparing a directory covering Cranbrook and Fernie. Any persons wishing changes from the listing of present directory, or any new subscribers, please notify the office and same will receive prompt attention.

Mining at Perry Creek … O. Kunch and Gus Theis have completed arrangements for sinking a shaft at Perry Creek. The shaft will be located on placer ground about 1 mile from Old Town, which has been thoroughly prospected, and when com­pleted will be between 90 and 100 feet in depth. The necessary machinery for sinking is on the ground and will be installed this week. Eight men are now employed and the force will be increased as soon as sinking operations are commenced.

When to lift your hat … In answer to the question, “Please tell when and where are, or is, the correct time for a gentleman to lift or remove his hat?” we reply, with­out consulting authorities of eti­quette, in fact giving it to you off-hand, so to speak, we should say at the following occasions, respective­ly: the hat should be lifted or remov­ed as circumstances indicate: When mopping the brow, when taking a bath, when eating, when going to bed, when taking-up a collection, when having the hair trimmed, when being shampooed, and when standing on the head.

Missed the vote … At Waldo, on Sunday, a most am­using incident took place, which resulted in a grit losing his vote. The “Grit” was accused of stealing chick­ens, and when the constable arrested him, he said it was all right, and he would go with him as soon as he put on his overshoes. He went into an adjoining room for his shoes; not waiting to put them on, he skidooed for the tall timber. In the evening the constable again rounded him up, and this man asked him to help him on with his over­coat. While the constable was hold­ing the coat his prisoner again stampeded for the timber, but he reckoned wrongly, for the constable pulled his gun and fired in the air, the man fell to the ground, got up and again started for the timber, another shot, also fired in the air, sent him to the ground crying that he was shot, and the constable again had him in custody. A conservative friend said that it was a shame to send a man up for stealing a couple of chickens, and suggested that he be locked up for four or five days, which would be a good lesson. He was locked up until after the election.

Notice … Take notice that thirty days after date I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of my license to sell intoxicating liquors at retail on the premises known as the Windsor Hotel, Fort Steele, BC, H. S. Mather.

Big herd of deer … Creston, Nov. 26, Melton Z. Bean shot two fine buck deer a couple of days ago just back of Goat mountain. Mr. Bean is one of the crack shots of the Creston district besides being an exceptionally lucky hunter. Deer are very plentiful in these parts just now and one bunch of 13 fine specimens were seen yesterday only a short distance from town.

Is he a Cranbrook man? … Montreal, Nov. 25 — On the body of the man found near Alexandria Pier Monday last a portion of an envelope addressed to McLeod, but with the name of the town half gone showing “Brook” was found. It is thought it may be George McLeod of Cranbrook, B. C., as Bradstreets shows such a name in Cranbrook.

Didn’t work … A married woman and young girl paraded the streets on Tuesday evening in men’s clothing, under the impression that they were not known, but were recognized. The girls can’t fool the boys.

Cranbrook land district … Take notice that I, Thomas Cadwalleder, of Cranbrook, B. C., occupation Carpenter, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands : Commencing at a post planted on the west bank of the Moyie River, near the S. E. corner of Cooper’s purchase, thence west 10 chains, thence south 20 chains, thence east to the west bank of the Moyie River, thence following the river upstream to place of commencement, 15 acres more or less. Thomas Cadwallader. Dated Sept. 23rd, 1909.

Fire at station… A t 10.30 Monday morning the fire brigade responded to an alarm sent in from the C.P.R. station. The fire was in the basement and caught from an overheated furnace pipe. It was confined to the basement and in a short time was under control. This is the second fire that has originated from the same source and place, and on both occasions the station has been saved by the prompt arrival and work of the fire brigade.

Open late … Postmaster Beattie has announced that the post office will be kept open until 9 o’clock every evening excepting Sundays, until after Christmas for the accommodation of the public.


It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909