Bull River lumber camp, circa 1914.

Bull River lumber camp, circa 1914.

It happened this week in 1914

March 7 - 13: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

March 7 – 13: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


New theatre … It is reported that a new moving picture theatre will be started in Cranbrook in the near future. Four hundred and fifty new opera chairs have been ordered through a local firm, also an up-to-date machine for projecting the pictures.

School inspection … Messrs. Fink, Quain and Roberts, visited the public schools on Thursday; they found the buildings in an excellent condition, but will suggest some improvements at the next meeting of the trustees.

At the Rex … At the Rex theatre tonight will be a special two reel feature, entitled, “The next generation,” this will be followed by a comedy and a drama, and included in the program Miss Shepard, the popular singer, will entertain with a new song.

Anyone to tango? … Miss Rumsey returned from Spokane on Tuesday, where she spent the week studying the newest dances. The dancing community of Cranbrook will now have the opportunity of learning the much talked of “Tango”.

Easter ball … On Easter Monday, which occurs this year on April 13th, the Annual Charity Ball in aid of St. Eugene hospital will be given. This ball has proven a popular annual event for the past many years and the committee in charge is already beginning their work for making a success of the ball this year. Both gentleman and lady committees have the matter in hand and are uniting their efforts toward realizing as large a sum as possible for the hospital, which is laboring the year around for the good of humanity and gives a large measure of charitable service to the people of the district in sickness and in distress.

Tenders for street cleaning … Tenders are invited for the Removal of Ashes, Refuse Garbage, etc., from all the streets, and alleys in the City of Cranbrook for the current year. Tenders, marked “Tender for Street Cleaning” will be received by the undersigned not later than the 31st day of March 1914. The successful tenderer, if any, will be required to enter into an agreement with the city for the due performance of his contract. The Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., March 12, 1914. THOS. M. ROBERTS, City Clerk.

Lost or strayed … Feb 5th, last, Fox terrier dog pup, about four months old, marked black and tan on ears and black on tail. Finder please return to T. S. Gill or phone 160 and get reward.

Boy … More money in one day may be earned with us than during an entire week in other ways. Applicants must be bright, neatly dressed, clean hands and face. We want the MANLIEST boy in the city. Come early prepared for work. Apply to Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Cranbrook, B.C.

Chief of Police Dow resigns … Resignation is accepted and Percy Adams appointed to Position after April 1st.

The first meeting of the new police commissioners was held at the city hall on Monday evening at 5 o’clock, those present being Mayor Simon Taylor, Alderman Hickenbotham and F. H. Dezall.

C. A. Dow handed in his resignation to take effect April 1st. 1914. The commissioners accepted the resignation and appointed Percy Adams chief of police from that date at a salary of $125 per month. Chief of Police Cory A.

Dow is one of the oldest policemen in the district having served here and at Fernie for the past fourteen years; the last eight as chief of police of Cranbrook. For six years, prior to coming here, he was provincial constable at Fernie.

Mr. Dow states that he has several offers of positions which he has taken under advisement but will unlikely to be able to make a decision for a few months. The new chief of police is practically a stranger to the city, but he has been in and out of the city for the past eighteen months serving as a C.P.R. detective.

He carries good credentials and letters from former positions he has held in the province of Manitoba.

Men are strange … Mary Jane Brown, of Tobacco Plains, says that its funny how a man can sit patiently and hold a 140 lb. girl on his lap until 2 o’clock in the morning every day of the week, and will kick-up a terrible rumpus a year or so afterwards, about holding a 10 pound girl for fifteen minutes.

Elko news … Marie Antoinette was one of the noted beauties of history, but we can find no record that she ever resided in Elko.

First reception … Mrs. T. T. Mecredy held her first reception on Tuesday last. The Hostess was beautifully gowned in Pale Grey Satin Lace and Green Chiffon. Miss Mecredy, who assisted in receiving the guests, looked sweet in white satin with spangled overskirt.

Mrs. Rumsey and Mrs. Darling very kindly presided over the serving of the tea and ices. Miss McBride, Miss Erickson, and Miss Bessie Pye were the three charming maidens who handed round the many dainties. The table was prettily decorated with pink carnations and long trails of smilax.

Moyie Hotel destroyed … News reached the city yesterday of the destruction of the Moyie Hotel, at Moyie, by fire.

The hotel was the property of Mr. P. F. Johnson, and the transfer of license and business was to have been made today to Mr. J. H. Doyle, of this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle went to Moyie on the train yesterday and when they arrived they found the hotel a mass of smoking embers and they immediately returned. The cause of the fire was unknown.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson at the time the blaze was discovered, were serving two customers with their dinners in the kitchen, when someone rushed in and shouted “fire!” On opening the dining room door, they were driven back by a blinding outpour of smoke.

It is supposed the fire originated either in one of the rooms on the second floor or from a defect in the flue leading from the furnace.

The Moyie fire department were soon on the scene but were unable to save the building which burned to the ground.

A piano, pool-table and a few other articles were rescued but everything else was lost.

Mr. Doyle, of this city, lost all his personal clothing which was also the unfortunate experience of several of the boarders at the hotel.

The fire department succeeded in keeping the fire from spreading to the other buildings situated near the hotel.

Salvation Army … During the last two weeks the local Salvation Army corps has made a special effort to hold services in many of the lumber camps in the Cranbrook district.

A gramophone kindly lent by the Presbyterian church and a lantern kindly loaned by the Rev. O. E. Kendall were used to good advantage.

“The Life of Christ” was shown in pictures.

In some of the camps visited this was the first service held this winter of a religious character. The men appreciated the meetings very much and expressed their desire to have the Army pay them a return visit whenever convenient.

Captain Carruthers, Scott Hill and Mr. Chas. McLean were in charge of this campaign.

The Captain wishes to thank all who so kindly cooperated with him in making this effort possible as well as successful.

Gymnasium … A large and enthusiastic class has been in attendance at the Gymnasium throughout the week in preparation for the big Gymnastic Competition and Exhibition to be given in the Gymnasium Friday evening.

There is very keen rivalry between a number of the best athletes of the club and the competition promises to be a hard fought contest throughout.

The races and sports are between two teams of seven men each, and very evenly matched.

The other events are undergoing very careful preparation.

From every standpoint Friday evening should be of great pleasure and profit to all who attend. The public is invited.

Several of the boys are rounding into shape for track work throughout the summer.

There has been a very definite increase in the number of members who take advantage of the swimming pool this past week — the milder weather is most suggestive of a “dip.”

Next week should see a good start made in getting the tennis court, lawn bowling court and athletic field in good shape for outdoor games and sports.

On behalf of the boys now getting into shape, we challenge the Y.M.C.A. or any other organization or group of Athletes to a road race of two miles, or a relay race for the same distance, and a series of races in the Gym next Tuesday evening. Come on boys, get into the game, take this up quick.

Some of the members have clubbed together and purchased a new Victor gramophone for the club.

The management is delighted with this splendid spirit. We hereby express our appreciation by a hearty vote of thanks. This fine instrument will be put to work this week.

We look for a big crowd at the Gymnastic Competition Friday night. Be sure and be one of them.

Y. M. C. A. Notes … The men’s meeting at the Railway Y.M.C.A. last Sunday was addressed by Mr. W. C. Adlard, who took for his topic “Deception and Villany exemplified”.

There were quite a number of the boys present, and they expressed their enjoyment of the talk, and the point of getting to this meeting.

Next Sunday Rev. W. K. Thomson of the Presbyterian Church, will be the speaker, taking for his subject “Is there a future life.” This is along the lines of the sermons he has been preaching on Sunday evenings. The men of the town should make a point of getting to this meeting and hearing Mr. Thomson’s views on what has been engaging the attention of the greatest minds of the age. The lure of the unknown; The penetration of the veil which hides the “Great Beyond” has a fascination for us all and we appreciate every ray of light we can get on the subject.

After this meeting a gathering will be held of the young men who are interested in religious work. Personal invitations have been given to some, but we will be glad to see as many as possible attend.

The Bowling Alley has been getting all they could handle. It would encroach too much on the space which this paper so generously gives us to give all the particulars. They may be seen any time by a perusal of the Bowling Bulletin Board hung up in the rotunda. The Bowling Committee has been pleased to see their way clear to allow the Ladies the use of the Alleys on Monday evenings from 19k, and an Saturdays from 14k until 18.30k.

Meeting of school trustees … Regular meeting of the Board of School Trustees was held on last Friday evening at the city hall, those present being Chairman White, Secretary Roberts, Trustees Kink, Quain and Laurie. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted. On motion by Trustees Fink and Quain, the janitor of the south school was placed under the direct charge of Trustee Laurie.

The matter of providing a stretcher at the main school building for use in cases of illness or accident was discussed and referred to the committee on building and equipment.

Chairman White called the attention of the members of the Board to the fact that Principal Cranston had not been complying with the Regulations as laid down in the Manual of the School Law, Article 6, Clause 6, and particularly to that part which refers to the duties of every teacher, and which reads as follows “To maintain a regular supervision of the pupils of the playground and have a care that games are honorably played.”

He also pointed out that the principal was not living up to Clause 1, Article 10, which reads as follows “It shall be the duty of the Principal of every Public School to convene, at least once a month, a meeting of his assistants, for conference on all matters affecting the proper management of each division, with a view to securing not only uniformity in discipline and instruction, but also the adoption of the best approved methods. A record shall be kept of the proceedings had at each meeting, which record shall be open to the inspection of the Superintendent of Education, the Inspectors, and the Board of Trustees”.

The Principal “must report to the Trustees the names of the assistants who fail to attend each meeting”.

Chairman White further pointed out that Principal Cranston had not been keeping a correct register.

Motion by Laurie and Quain carried instructing the secretary to call the attention of Principal Cranston and Miss Woodland to Clause 1, Article 10, of the Manual of School Laws and also to Article 6, Clause 6, with a request that the same be observed.

The secretary was instructed to call the attention of Principal Cranston to Clause 2, Article 6, of the school laws regarding the accurate keeping of a register with a semi-daily rollcall, with the request that he sees that the same be strictly observed.

Motion carried that the vacation time of A. H. Webb be extended to not later than September 10th to enable him to join a teachers’ excursion to the old country.

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