It happened this week in 1914

Jan. 10 - 16: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

Jan. 10 – 16: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


Runaways … Dashing up Armstrong Avenue today a runaway team crashed into the plate glass window in the front of W. H. Wilson’s jewelry store breaking a large amount of cut glass and hand painted china. The team is the property of J. Kenny and was being used in delivering groceries for Stephens’ Grocery. The horses were uninjured. They were startled by two dogs fighting.

Public apology… Cranbrook, B.C., January, 13th, 1914: I, Wm. Gallamore of Cranbrook, B. C., this thirteenth day of January 1914 acknowledge I made a mistake in having John Gleeson of Cranbrook, B. C., wrongfully arrested and imprisoned and prosecuted. I express my regret for the same. I have paid him today the sum of all expenses in connection, with same. Signed, Wm. Gallamore.

Apology accepted … Cranbrook, B.C., January 13th, 1914: I, John Gleeson of Cranbrook, B. C., this thirteenth day of January 1914 accept this apology from Wm. Gallamore and promise not to prosecute him for anything in connection with this matter. I have received all expenses for same. Signed, John Gleeson.

Druggist astonished … We sell many good medicines but we are told the mixture of buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., known as Adlerika, is the best we ever sold. Cranbrook folks astonish us daily by telling how QUICKLY Adlerika relieves sour stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation. Many report that A SINGLE DOSE relieves these troubles almost IMMEDIATELY. We are glad we are Cranbrook agents for Adlerika. The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Ltd.

Best wishes … Little George McMahon, of Kimberley has been confined to his home with a severe attack of pneumonia. His mother has attended him night and day for the past week, and we trust that Master George will soon be on the road to recovery.

Town election … Last Monday was nomination day at the City Hall, nominations closing at 3 o’clock with only one nominee for mayor and six aldermen. The nominees were all declared elected by returning officer T. M. Roberts.

The newly elected municipal officers are: Mayor, Simon Taylor; aldermen, J. F. Campbell, W. F. Cameron, Alfred Genest, Malcolm Horie, George R. Leask and H. Hickenbotham. The change in the names of those suggested at the meeting a few days ago was occasioned by the withdrawal of Lester Clapp and G. Erickgeon, their names being substituted with W. F. Cameron and Geo. R, Leask.

The position of school trustee proved to be more popular there being six nominees and only two vacancies to fill. Returning officer announced a poll to be taken on Tuesday, January 15th, for the school trustees only, the nominees being as follows: T. J. Doris, W. H. Wilson, Maurice Quain, E. H. McPhee, A. A. Mackinnnon, J. R. McNabb.

The new council are all men of hard headed business sense which will be a great requisite in the coming years’ administration. They have been chosen by acclamation and have no strings tied to them in any way except to fulfil their sworn duties in the interest of the city as a whole. It is up to the citizens to accord them hearty support and they start the year with the best wishes of all for their success in the coming year.

It is not likely there will be any great interest in the election of school trustees. All the nominees are responsible business men who have interests in the city and any two of the six would be capable to act in the capacity and assist in keeping up the high standard of the Cranbrook schools.

Slide at Morrisey … The first slide of the season occurred on the Great Northern railway west of Morrissey on Wednesday morning, when a huge mass of snow, rocks, and trees covered the track for a distance of 600 feet, having an average depth of 35 feet. A snow plow with a large number of men is clearing the track. A rotary plow has been sent in from Whitefish, Montana. It will be some days before the track is cleared, and trains are now running over the CPR tracks as far as Waldo.

Bought the store … W. B. McFarlane has purchased the Murray store building on Norbury avenue and is now having it fitted up for a first class business house.

Gold claim … Wm. Shira of Wasa, spent this week in Cranbrook, Mr. Shira is a mining man and has a gold quartz proposition on Lewis creek that is looking exceedingly well.

Ore shipments … Ore shipments from mines in the Cranbrook district for the past year were as follows: Sullivan; 35,925. St. Eugene; 1,542. Monarch; 196. Society Girl; 20. Total 37,883.

Y.M.C.A. … The men’s meeting last Sunday was addressed by Capt. Carruthers of the Salvation Army. This was his farewell to the boys of the “Y”, amongst whom he has always been popular.

He took as his theme “Character” and briefly outlined how important it was that “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” Mr. Harold Brondson was in the chair.

This meeting is for all the men of the town and they are asked to take full advantage of it. Every Saturday at 16:15 the male Voice Choir will meet and practice immediately after the Men’s meeting. Every tenor is needed.

The Members of the Wednesday Bible class are reminded of this meeting on Wednesday. You are invited to join. Come and see if you can beat Archie McLaren’s score on the Rifle range. We provide the best and cheapest sport in the country.

“Therses” will meet on Tuesday. The Debating Society Committee will meet in the Secretary’s office on Monday. The Pierrots will hold their weekly practice on Friday. Every member is urged to be on time on Friday and not to bring any instruments.

Next Monday will be the regular monthly social and we have a splendid program to put before all our friends. Everybody welcome. The Bowling Alleys are in first class shape and the League is doing great business. Call in and see them at it.

Hotels change hands … James Doyle has taken over the Moyie Hotel at Moyie and leaves this week to take charge, Mr. Johnson coming to Cranbrook to devote his attention to the Queens hotel in this city. Mr. Doyle will move his family to the new location in the near future.

Order of Moose … Loyal Order of Moose held a very lively smoker following their regular meeting last night at which a class of thirteen candidates was initiated. There were about 75 present, refreshments were served and several of the lodge orators were asked to answer to various toasts which they did to the amusement of the assembled members and guests.

The meeting was a special one called to celebrate the closing of the charter which has been open for several months and in which time the lodge has greatly increased the membership.

Salvation Army… Captain and Mrs. Carruthers of the Salvation Army have received their farewelling orders and are leaving next Tuesday for Nanaimo, which will be their future home, and Captain and Mrs. Hustler of Nanaimo, will have the corps here.

These orders were received at the barracks this week, several days ago the captain receiving notification of the change.

A petition was circulated in the city asking that Captain Carruthers be retained here and forwarded to the Salvation Army headquarters and it is not yet known whether any action will be taken on the petition.

Elko news … (By Fred Roo). The reason our notes failed to appear in the papers last week, was because they were that hot they burnt holes in the mail sacks.

Jim Thistlebeak, Elko’s celebrated Philosopher, Philanthropist and dead game sport, is offering three slabs of Bacon to any one delivering at the Roosville Cash Stores, Elko, Rooseville or Flagstone, Harry Abrahams, (heavy on the Hams) Armours’ Premier Overland Trout and Rockless Rabbit Peddler. He resided some time in Nelson, is well known in Spokane, and was seen in Cranbrook and Fernie just before Christmas looking as innocent as two Curates at a Sunday school Teacher’s Picnic. Harry never set a Hen, butchered a Hog, skinned a dead Sheep, or taught a Calf to drink water or skin milk out of an old oaken bucket and we can prove it, his jovial personality and pleasing voice is in great demand around here. The Band will now play, Harry Abrahams (Why don’t you come home).

The young Ladies of Elko are giving a social and Dance Wednesday in the Opera House, Main Street, and it promises to be a swell affair.

The annual meeting of the Elko Board of Trade meets this week for the election of officers for 1914.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thompson and Son Jim of the Hotel Columbia left for Alberta to meet their Daughter and son in law who are returning from 21 visit to Scotland. The Hockey Boys are having hard luck with their rink this summer weather.

Travelers are beginning to come and we find talk is awful cheap except when it is over the long distance Telephone.

The Elko Conservatives are holding meetings this week in Elko and Kootenay River points and will organize a district of Elko, Waldo, Flagstone, Rooseville, Jaffray and Bull River, and then you won’t have to wait till the clouds roll by Bobby. Or “Willie we have missed you” when this bunch gets organized.

L. D. Stephenson and seventeen other travelers from Nelson were in Elko this week. L. D. wears a smile that’s worth framing. He is always as welcome as the flowers in May, only a little more so in Elko.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ayre and daughter visited Cranbrook this week.

Man wants but little here below. And is not hard to please. But Women bless her little heart. Wants everything she sees, and then some.

Fix it quick … It’s your own fault if you grow bald at 35 as thousands of men do — yes, and women also. If you have dandruff it is because the germs are already devouring the very life of the hair at its roots. Kill these germs with Parisian Sage and stop dandruff, itching scalp and falling hair in two weeks. It’s guaranteed, you know, this delightful and refreshing Parisian Sage that is now sold all over Canada and if it does not prove better than any other hair [restorer] you ever used, get your money back. It puts life and beauty into dull faded hair. Large bottle at Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., and druggists everywhere. Regular price 50 cents.

Baptist church … Morning worship 11:00 o’clock. The Church Attendance League will begin another period of six months at the end of which prizes will be given to all boys and girls who have merited them by faithful attendance at the morning services. Topic of the morning sermon will be “The Commandment of Love”. Evening topic is “Out of Unfathomable Depths into Unscaleable Heights”. A cordial invitation is extended to all.