It happened this week in 1913

Dec. 6 - 12: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

December 6 – 12: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


Problem coyotes … Coyotes are becoming numerous in the neighborhood of Cranbrook, and in some instances have been taking their nightly prowls within the city limits.

Last week one was seen in the neighborhood of the skating rink, and this week one is reported to be taking his moonlight walks on Durick Avenue.

Farmers living in close proximity to the city report that the weird sound of the coyote is heard every night.

The bounty of $3 does not seem to be sufficient to induce men to hunt down this destructive animal and disturber of the peace.

Bones of dinosaur found … Men engaged in the construction of the Kootenay Central branch of the C.P.R. in the Columbia Valley at Brisco, about fifty miles south of Golden, found what is believed to be the upper part of the head of a dinosaur in a big limestone cut.

The bones belong to the duck-billed variety of dinosaur and are believed, by V. S. Foster, a geologist, to be about three million years old.

The skull is in a good state of preservation, and probably belonged to an animal ten or twelve feet long.

Diligent search failed to reveal further portions of the skeleton.

Moved out … Bruno Cutri, condemned to be hanged at Nelson on January 8th, no longer lies under the same roof as the woman with whom he eloped, the alleged wife of the brother of Felice Zappi, the man for whose murder Cutri is to go to the gallows.

On Saturday night Mrs. Zappi was transferred to the provincial jail at Kamloops, where she will complete the balance of the sentence of two months on a charge of vagrancy on which she was convicted at Cranbrook.

It is stated that the woman was moved from the Nelson jail because the idea of having the condemned man and the woman in the case under the same roof was not looked upon with favor.

Cranbrook Electric Light Company … We have not been materially affected by the “money stringency” this past year. As a matter of fact, our business has improved.

In individual cases the consumption of electrical energy has been slightly lower than in former years, due to the talk of hard times rather than to the hard times themselves, and the consequent feeling among our customers that some economy should be instituted to meet possible exigencies.

But on the whole our total revenue has increased as we have a larger number of users of electricity than in the year 1912 or any previous year.

During the present year we have added about five miles of wire to our distributing system and almost one hundred customers to our line of consumers. We have connected up quite a number of new houses and at the present time have a large number of names on record in our office, of owners of new houses in the city and immediate vicinity who wish to have electric light installed.

Telephone news … The Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd., have made more installations in the city of Cranbrook this year than in any year in the history of their business. They started the year with 525 phones and there are now a total of 650 phones in operation.

A new switch board will be installed early in the new year as the switchboard capacity has now been taxed to the extreme limit. The new board will provide for 200 more phones.

There has been some increase in the other towns served by the company but Cranbrook holds the record.

About ten miles of new toll lines have been constructed during the year.

There has been a decrease in the amount of toll business during the year occasioned by the quietness of the lumber business.

Storms of the year have placed a burden on the company as their line has been down many times and costly repairs have been required throughout the year.

However, they report a growing business and a bright outlook for the future.

Nominations in Cranbrook … During the past week an effort has been made by various public spirited citizens to induce some of our best citizens to accept the nominations for mayor and aldermen for the year 1914. This effort has been made solely with the purpose in view of securing the best men for the positions.

No public announcements are yet ready, although it is expected that two tickets will be announced early in January.

A healthy rivalry for these positions with the best men of the city on both tickets can only work out for the public good.

East Kootenay Greenhouse Co. … The Cranbrook Florists is one concern that has shown a remarkable growth during the past year. It was started two years ago in November and they have been forced to build two additions to the greenhouse since they started.

The last addition built last summer more than doubled the capacity of the house and the new house is still inadequate for the demands of this trade.

Daily shipments are now being made to all points in the district and Mr. Willis reports that advance orders for Christmas this year already exceed the total of last year’s business.

Anyone who doubts that Cranbrook is the real “banana belt” can be shown that it is an orange hell, as the greenhouse has a number Japanese orange trees that are sturdy and healthy and loaded down with luscious fruit. Oranges grown in Cranbrook for the Christmas table are an accomplished fact.

The flowers for Christmas are coming on splendidly and chrysanthemums, carnations, violets, roses, narcissus, poinsettias, etc. are all ready to deliver at any time. Ruseis and oak spray are also being shown for decorative purposes.

Slight delay … Mrs. Martin went to Cranbrook on Wednesday to consult with lawyers regarding the legal process connected with the will of her mother, the late Mrs. Elizabeth Sloan. Mrs. Sloan died in Baltimore, Maryland, and this has caused some delay in having the instructions of the will carried out. However, Mr. Mccredy, solicitor, of Cranbrook, has the matter in hand and expects to have all details settled in a short time.

Coasting … On Saturday night a party of young people was out coasting. They started quite high on the Big Hill and had to make a nasty curve before reaching the main road, which leads down to the lake.

One hob sleigh had eight people on it and it started at a good speed but when the curve was reached they kept straight ahead in place of making the expected curve. The result was disastrous; the party was hurled from the sleigh and rather rudely deposited on the flume.

As there was not much snow and there had been heavy frost several of the young people got a rather severe shaking up. However, no one was seriously hurt and all are eagerly looking forward to the next coasting party when we have another heavy snow fall.

The Home bakery … Mr. R. Frame, the proprietor of the Home Bakery, came to Cranbrook about three years ago and started the Home Bakery and has been rewarded with success.

He does all his own baking, while his good wife serves the customers. Together they are supplying many edible delicacies that are tempting to hungry people and for Christmas are displaying a huge sugared cake resplendent with colored electric lights and which is being raffled, the drawing to take place on Christmas eve.

The bakery supplies any kind of cookery or Christmas cakes to order.

Free Xmas show … On Saturday next at 2.30 p.m. in the Auditorium theatre the Beattie-Murphy Co., the Santa Claus People, will give a free moving picture entertainment to all the ladies and children of the city and district. It is the custom of this firm to give an Xmas treat each year and this year they hope to have the pleasure of entertaining as many as the big theatre will hold.

Each person must apply personally at the store for an admission ticket, which will be given absolutely free for the asking.

Baldwin Bros, have made arrangements for some particularly good films and will do all in their power to make every person happy and comfortable.

Don’t forget the place, the date, the hour and your ticket, from the Beattie-Murphy Co., “The Santa Claus People”.

Cranbrook Agriculture Association … A successful year has been the lot of the directors of this association. At no previous fair have the exhibits in livestock, poultry and school work has it been so numerous or of such excellent quality. This is a country par excellence for mixed farming and yet few hogs and no sheep were forward.

There is some easy money coming to the go-ahead farmer who will import a few pure bred sheep, in addition to that which he gets from the wool and the yearly increase.

A special general meeting is anticipated for the last week in the year to pass bylaws formulated by the present directors for the future conduct of the association.

Curling … Meeting of the Cranbrook Curling Club was held at the city hall on Monday evening at 8 o’clock with President W. F. Cameron in the chair and a good attendance of curlers present. Secretary Banwell read the minutes of the previous meeting which were approved. The membership committee reported a very successful canvas and the club now has more than one hundred members to start the season.

Sale of work in Elko … A successful sale of work and social gathering was held in Hirtz’s hall, Elko, under the auspices of the Ladies Guild of Holy Trinity church. Stalls for fancy work, Christmas presents and candies were most tastefully arranged. Refreshments and ice cream were served, and in the evening a social gathering took place followed by a dance. The priest in charge, the Rev. A. E. Bruce, desires to take this opportunity of thanking all who in any way contributed to the success of this sale.

To Mesdames Todhunter, Hirtz, Agnew and Holbrook, to Miss Taylor, the Junior Guild for their efforts. To Messrs. Ayre and Austin for their services as auctioneers, and to Mrs. Hirtz and Mrs. Ayre who helped to make the dance a success. The net proceeds, were $62.00.

Waldo news … Get ready for the children’s entertainments. In Ross Hall on Tuesday, December 16th, the Waldo school pupils will give what purports to be one of the best evenings of its kind ever given here. Musical drills, Christmas carols, readings, etc., will be the order of the evening. On the 19th in Baynes a similar entertainment will be given. Parents and friends please support these concerts. Free admission to all children; adults 25c. The proceeds will go to the schools.